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#19847 The Heinz Dilemma

Posted by Macflea on 15 August 2013 - 11:45 PM

You know, I wasn't going to post this, partly because it won't make a blind bit of difference but what the hell. According to his latest blog post us b i t c h e s like to read about ourselves because we're so narcissistic. Well, since he himself is a self confessed narcissist I figure he'd want to read about himself a bit more, as I have no doubt he still visits this page as a 'guest'. I originally posted this as a comment on the blog. Surprisingly it didn't make it through editing onto the page..

Here we go:


Well that was an insightful read. Don't hold back at all, will you?
I am, however, interested in some of what you have said. You have accused us of making things up, twisting words, accusing you of things yet reading through this I am finding it is you who are twisting words and putting words into our mouths that weren't there.
I should feel honoured, I am sure, to find that the Emperor quoted humble me, yet imagine my surprise when I found I had been misquoted! (Note to you; don't put something in speech marks unless you say it word for word, because then it no longer becomes a quote, it is a paraphrase and you are being as misleading as you say we ourselves are).
In your own words (and this is a direct quote):
"Wresting statements, quoting things not said, and heavy umbrage?  You guessed it – woman"
Or yourself. You choose.
Direct quote from you:
"Their particular brand of defense deals mainly in groupthink (“Everyone feels this way!”), name-calling (“You’re arrogant and disrespectful!”), blatant hypocrisy (“You’d better respect and be nice to us, but we don’t have to do the same for you!”), blanket assumptions (“You probably hate gay people too, don’t you?”), mockery (“You’re not as smart as you think!”), attempts at incitement (“No wonder your wife left you!”), disregarding/intentional wresting of things you say in order to cram it into what they think is a valid point (“I respect and treat kindly the jerks at work…” [after I'd quite clearly said that tolerance and civility was the only thing due them] “…because bosses don’t put up with people that act like assholes!”  <– See there?  Apparently, civility and tolerance are now enough to brand one an “*******”.), and of course the “threat” of exclusion from their “venerable” MC server (“Well, I’m not going to vote you in, and I don’t know anyone that will!”)."
Not one of these 'quotes' is a direct quote from the forum, in fact many of these have been re-worded to suit what you want them to say.
For example:
"You probably hate gay people too, don't you?" is the 'quote' you gave. What was actually said was this; "Note: I'm not sure why you think that just because I live in NZ I'd be less inclined to see your viewpoint re. the subservience of women in marriage as pretty appalling. This is a country that was the first to given women the vote, and has just legalised gay marriage (in the most moving way). It's a country full of people for whom equality is a fundamental principle, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, etc.)"
Please enlighten me as to how that translates as an accusation. Sexuality was not brought into it as an accusation but as an example that NZ is a country that prides itself on equality for ALL PEOPLE.
The one that REALLY interests me, though, is this:
"2. “So you think a marriage in which both the man and the woman work – the woman is ‘no good anymore’?”
——-> For the record, I’d not said anything even slightly resembling that statement prior to it being made (Wresting statements, quoting things not said, and heavy umbrage?  You guessed it – woman.)."
Ah, we're back to this again. Well, let me directly quote what you said to obtain that response:
"The only regions where marriages (may also be read as: women and the societies that raise them) are any good any more are the ones in which the man is still held in high esteem as the leader of the household and primary breadwinner."
I would argue that that DOES 'slightly' resemble the statement. You imply that any marriage (or 'woman') is no good if the husband is not the leader and primary breadwinner. The actual reply to your post, not the one you 'quoted' was this:
"So to sum it up you think that any household where both man and woman works the woman is "no good anymore" and marriage should be entirely for the benefit of the man?"
Firstly, it's not a statement, it's a question. Secondly, your rant after that misquote is quite the achievement. Congratulations. I hope it didn't hurt you too much.
I am interested about your view of the workforce, however. You think women who have to work in a traditional marriage should have stay at home jobs? Yet if that was the case it would sting you in the butt when you end up in hospital and have no one to look after you because all the alpha males are too alpha to be a nurse.
Finally there is this misquote:
"4. “My husband makes less money and knows how to cook!”"
When what was actually said was this:
"*goes to hug her husband, who makes less money and knows how to cook*"
Which you can see was not actually a statement directed at you but a general statement implying an action and actually the ONLY thing she said in this whole debacle. It was not part of a debate, it was not part of an argument directed at yourself so to attack her is poor form if you really were desiring an "honest debate" as you put it.
Ah, well it's good to get that off my chest. I know it won't do a blind bit of difference, it won't affect how you think, how you view this forum, how you view the world and marriage, but it sure as hell does make me feel better.

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#39302 Status of SixtyGig; and Minecraft 1.8. What to do?

Posted by LadyEh on 09 May 2015 - 10:02 AM

I'll put it this way....master your own state of perception or get lost. Because where my time is involved it is my world. Yes Ray is paying the tab. But I will not put my energy in what does not resonate with me. So I will not be here if things don't shape up.




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#25395 The Public Happy Christmas thread!

Posted by Koplee on 24 December 2013 - 04:04 AM

It's now 12:04am here in New Zealand, so...


MERRY XMAS to you all!


All the best for 2014 from the Kop family     :)



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#23881 Finished!

Posted by Koplee on 24 October 2013 - 02:38 PM

I hopped on last night to complete the Creative project... hope none of you mind (it was progressing a little slowly, and 1.7 is looming large!)




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#18816 The big "move-horse-to-main-world"-adventure!

Posted by Sun_Exit on 06 August 2013 - 05:01 AM

Hey, thought we'd just share this little adventure and some pictures!

(Part 2 of the adventure here )


(Team 3's arrival here )
After a few hours of searching the wilds, Root found a few horses to bring back to the hub. Since horses don't seem to spawn in the main world, Merv came up with the idea to move some horses to the main world through the wilds fortress end portal. However figuring out how to do this practically was a MASSIVE work load!  Eventually we (Merv, Ras, Ray, Red, Moon and Sun (hope I'm not forgetting anyone)) got it to work! Here's what we did,
1. We made a plan how to send the horses through the wild fortress's end portal - to end.
2. Then from the end's spawning spot, to the main hub portal - to main world.
First we prepped all the portals, fired them up and basically tried to figure out how to do things practically.
The drop hole needed water to reduce the fall impact.
Then we fixed transport roads, like a new tunnel at the end, a VERY long road over the ocean in the wild, etc.
We did a test with a wilds cow first. We pushed it down the hole and after a couple of successful teleports and transports all the way to the main world it is now alive and well, breeding with main world cows at the public cow pen!
Ater that we managed to bring a couple of horses through too.
Trust me - IT WASN'T EASY!
Leads breaking, horses falling off walkways into the water, disappearing etc - horrible!
But eventually they made it through and are now standing safely, with good health at the public stable in the main world!

It was a great 60G adventure, great fun and an awesome team work! :)
And yey -  everyone can now breed their own horse in the main world!   :D
Just check out the public stable west of hub!
Here are some good breeding tips from Merv! : http://tinyurl.com/oye5p2y
/Cheers from Root, Merv, Ras, Ray, Red, Moon and Sun!

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#15245 ||||||||||||||| SixtyGig player tracker for June 2013 |||||||||||||||

Posted by Nekcalb on 05 June 2013 - 11:38 PM

Dear Server Administrator:


I have received your notice dated June, 6th 2013, in which you request that i make my current activity status known on the Player Tracker as noted under the Public Player Tracker Act, Annotated Code of SixtyGig, Server Administrative Article ("SG") 06-2013 et seq., on behalf of myself, Nekcalb. In particular, you seek to acquire my known participation pertaining to the following:


( A ) Showing any interest in remaining a whitelisted member of the SixtyGig server from today till the posting of the July Player Tracker.


( B ) Notifying said administrator of my presence within the community of SixtyGig, and interest of playing on said server.


( C ) Partaking in any kind of forum acknowledgement of said Player Tracker.


My staff has collected and reviewed any past Player Tracker participation, and noted such activities as discriminating and unlawful. You may review all past records of past participation of Player Tracker activity except for these four exceptions.


Player Tracker January 2013


Player Tracker March 2013


Player Tracker April 2013


Player Tracker May 2013


Note: Player Trackers for the months of December and February seem to be non-existent, any attempt to research said Player Trackers will be deemed illegal and constitute player harassment as pertained in article 1m-50-1337.,


Pursuant to ("SG") 06-2013 myself, Nekcalb is entitled to an administrative review of any decision to deny access to the SixtyGig server or forums. If requested, such review will be conducted in a timely manner in accordance with ("SG") 02-2011 through 06-2013 and the hearing regulations of the agency published at Minecraft.net., Myself as client, Nekcalb may also seek judicial review under MS 04-2011.


If you wish to inspect the records that are publicly available under the Public Player Tracker Act, please contact my amazing steam account for assistance to arrange for a mutually convenient time. You may also obtain copies of said records by using the search feature located at sixtygig.com. This player charges a fee of $25.00 per word for any assistance inquired threw said steam account.





Veteran PITA


Disclaimer: This is an attempt to avoid participation in any said player trackers, any resemblance to actually participating in such activities is purely coincidental, and shall not be interpreted as cooperation with the Public Player Tracker Act. Any future participation shall be regarded as against ones will, adding additional annoyingly small text from here on is only to increase the amount of fine print added to this disclaimer to annoy old people with bad vision, continuing to read anything beyond this point is pure sillyness. But if you insist then so be it as more text will be randomly inserted to create a long paragraph with no actual meaning or relevance. Furthermore if you continue to read this let it be known that you have no life and probably smell funny too. If you wish to quote such psycho babble then your even crazier than the original author of this post. Perhaps to keep the joke going some other person can come up with their own overly long legal babble letter of disapproval of Ray's abusive administrator activities. Anywho continuing on about nothing worth reading how about a really long joke that no one is likely to read. - A little boy sits at the table finishing eating dinner with his family, his dad notices that he seems to be down in the dumps and asks his son "what is the matter"? His son looks his dad square in the eyes and says "i have a school project that i don't know how to do", the dad says "maybe i can help you with it, what is the project"? The son says "well i need to write a sentence explaining the definition of politics". The dad gets a confused look on his face and says "gee son that is a tough one, but maybe we can take our family as an example, everyday i go to work and earn a wage to take care of our family, you can say i manage to keep enough money in the bank to keep us living happily, so consider me Management. Your mother takes care of all your needs and she also does the grocery shopping, pays the bills, and talks to your teachers at school, she governs all the aspects of our lives so consider her Government, the maid does our laundry, cleans the house, and prepares all our meals, everything she does is work so consider her the Working Class. You son have all your needs taken care of by myself, your mother, and the maid, since we take care of you we shall consider you the People. And your baby brother well he is still pretty young so just consider him the Future" "do you understand"? the dad asks. The son says "no not at all, it is confusing" the dad says "that is OK son, go brush your teeth and get to bed we can talk about it in the morning... The boy goes to sleep, later that night he is awoken by the cries of his baby brother so he goes to see what is wrong, he notices his brother has soiled his diaper so he heads to his parents room, inside he finds his mother sound asleep, he shakes her and shakes her but to no avail so he finally gives up. Noticing his dad isn't in bed he heads to the maids room, inside he can hear noises, so he knocks on the door, no one seems to notice, again he knocks, still no one answers, so he peeks threw the keyhole and inside he sees his dad having sex with the maid. Well being his baby brother had quit crying and no one seemed to pay attention to him he decided to go back to bed. In the morning he sees his dad and says "I know the definition of politics now dad" the dad says "that is great son, tell me in your own words what it is" So the son says "Well while Management is screwing the Working Class the Government is sound asleep, meanwhile the People are being completely ignored and the Future is full of ****! - That concludes this very long meaningless disclaimer, any other questions refer to the Public Player Tracker Act, Annotated Code of SixtyGig, Server Administrative Article ("SG") 06-2013 et seq.,

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#39305 Status of SixtyGig; and Minecraft 1.8. What to do?

Posted by forebrow on 09 May 2015 - 10:08 AM


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#39299 Status of SixtyGig; and Minecraft 1.8. What to do?

Posted by WordlyWalker on 09 May 2015 - 05:37 AM

So flame you would prefer anyone that doesn't conform to your mind set should just get lost?

You have a really arrogant way of putting your point across at the moment.
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#39282 Status of SixtyGig; and Minecraft 1.8. What to do?

Posted by DrCrowtron on 08 May 2015 - 12:14 PM

I vote for making the stations 3D: 50 blocks below current and 50 blocks above. This would mean we would need to design an elevator system and add 50 stations. I also vote that we revert to 1.2 but with only 1 Tekkit mod of Stacy's choosing. Finally, I demand - DEMAND - reparations from Panem for the rebellion genocide of May 9th. It may also be a good idea to have our chat have an accent consistent with Dr. Rockso.
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#39275 Status of SixtyGig; and Minecraft 1.8. What to do?

Posted by WordlyWalker on 08 May 2015 - 05:35 AM

Nothing would ever be decided without a vote and if you really play on SG for the community then whatever decision is made you would still be part of that community.
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#27515 SG6 Rail Status

Posted by BobTWC on 30 January 2014 - 11:34 AM

Nelcalb, you sexy bastard! You are a saint!  We know that you are tired and that you have put in more hours and energy into this project than any normal person should have to, and every single one of us appreciate it.  I think I speak for everybody when I say "THANK YOU!!!"

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#24605 Computer desktop image - What's yours?

Posted by Koplee on 21 November 2013 - 05:49 PM

I've made some wallpaper for all of you lovers of 60G out there...




[Ray... I've put a lot of effort into this. I'll be disappointed if I don't see a photo of your multi-monitor command centre using this lovely wallpaper!]

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#22952 THE BIG VOTE 2013: SixtyGig 6.0

Posted by LadyEh on 25 September 2013 - 07:37 PM

I voted for Plan 2 simply because I would have loved to avoid seeing the absolute blow out that went on in this thread for 11 pages.  We snapped at each other, pleaded for an in-between solution, and at the worst, players are leaving.


I didn't care what happened to the map, my stacks of diamonds, or my builds.  But other players care about those things, and  I do care about those players' feelings.


There's a big difference between "pity" and "empathy."  Pity is when I compare myself to you and feel as though I am in a much better situation.  Empathy implies that I know how you're feeling as well as what you're thinking while maintaining my own emotional and intellectual integrity.  I'm not pitying those in Plan 2, I'm empathizing.


I felt I would be wasting my vote on an "I don't care," when I did care, I cared about people being crushed by the idea of a clean reset.  Plan 2 kept the most people happy.  I want everyone to be happy.

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#22555 Greetings! I am snarkst0mper! (the one and only)

Posted by Koplee on 19 September 2013 - 11:41 AM

Ok. I'll leave a comment:

Really man? Really? Take this seriously please, and do not waste my time with a random, useless comment.

I appreciate the time and effort you've taken with your application. However, if you get upset about this sort of comment (intended in humour, as should have been obvious) then I'm not sure this is the place for you...
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#22141 THE BIG VOTE 2013: SixtyGig 6.0

Posted by LadyEh on 12 September 2013 - 10:54 AM

This is how I feel about this thread now...



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#21975 THE BIG VOTE 2013: SixtyGig 6.0

Posted by fishbrine on 09 September 2013 - 08:58 PM

I feel for those that will lose lots of work and mats. It's an unpleasant feeling, I'm sure. Sorry for your impending loss.

Here's how we are going to make it up to you.

You are going to get a new and improved MC experience. You're going to fall deeper in love with this game. In three months you'll have forgotten about the past map, and be thinking about how much you love this new world.


I promise you.

Double your money back.

Also, like Saint, said, if its easier for Ray, then why not? The poor bastard is nice enough to give us all this, the least we can do give him some stats to look at.
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#21892 Creative Mode Project: Participation Vote

Posted by BobTWC on 09 September 2013 - 12:13 AM

I love using the Ros-lo-seum as a unit of measurement!


"How big is the Island?"

"Oh, about 4 Ros-lo-seums"


"That guy owns a 10 Ros-lo-seum farm outside of town."


"The emancipated slaves were promised 40 Ros-lo-seums and a mule."


This could work!!!

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#19647 The Heinz Dilemma

Posted by Rayvolution on 14 August 2013 - 02:54 AM

<Snippage of pee colored yellow text>


My guess is you've never dealt with a community quite like this one. Well, actually you probably have. But unlike those other places you ranted at on the internet, we won't delete your thread/replies and ban or smack you on the wrist. We'll just laugh at you and leave this up forever as an example of who we don't allow here, as a solid reassurance to future applicants that you will really be getting what you want out of our high standing community. Post like this one allow future members to see how a SixtyGig member actually is mature, and how easily we can identify an adult who just claim to be mature.


You'll find that most of us on SixtyGig would probably represent the top 5%~ the hierarchy of morals and ethics in most communities. (yes, I pulled a number out of my ass, deal with it) We're a pretty good bunch, and we're pretty defensive when someone comes along and tries to mask absolute and total ignorance with "open minded abstract thinking". It's an insult to actual, open minded people like the ones you'll find on this server. You see, from our perspective, we actually care about the whole well being of the entire community, where as you appear to you only care about the well being of yourself, masking it with your "open minded" thought processes.


I find it very amusing how transparent you are, and you're so arrogant you can't even see it. You obviously have been hurt, and I'm sorry that happened. Yes, there are some venomous women out there (and men). But your concepts of what things "should be", how things "currently are" and how all women "should be" are so blindly ignorant and extremely short sighted it's almost laughable. I've been happily married 8 years in a pretty non-conventional marriage, me and my wife are pretty much equal in all regards. While I have been the "breadwinner" that really wasn't because it was my duty, it's simply just how things have been. Here shortly, my wife will finish her education and get herself a decent job making a decent wage. Once that happens, I will for the next 4-5+ years after be stepping down as breadwinner and going to college to get PhD in Experimental Psychology, while she supports the both of us. That is what being married is all about, a support network. There are no rules, no standards. You do what you want to do as long as both parties (or more if you're into that) are all happy with the situation. You obviously have no concept of that mode of thinking, it's all about you, and only you.


I've met many people like you, sadly, you're all mostly the same. Masking your insecurity with a superiority complex wrapped around supreme absolute arrogance backed with irrational opinions that you're not well educated on. Although, you do think you're well educated, but you actually just ignore all facts that are not exactly what you want to hear. So you spend your time doing nothing but finding information to back your belief, but toss out anything you disagree with as pointless bologna. You're what I call a insecure alpha male. You're very insecure of your own abilities and scared to death people might find out, so you hide behind your education and pseudo-morals. That's why you love your concepts of marriage.. if you got what you want, it's absolute security where you have the controlling decision in everything! No one can find out how much you suck at life if they're not allowed to question your all mighty manliness.


Obviously, you're not a good fit for this server. You really don't belong in a room full of actual, emotionally stable and fully developed adults. You'd just drive us insane.


Anyway, that was fun. Back to mining with my friends.

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#19238 Nigel

Posted by Captain_Marko on 10 August 2013 - 07:47 AM

I found this business card you dropped outside your stall......




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#13064 I can't handle change

Posted by Rayvolution on 20 March 2013 - 04:41 PM

If this message gets 10,000 likes, I will personally see to it that the world hunger problem is solved forever by killing every single person on the planet with a nurotxin.

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