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People who have been banned.

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Posted 08 February 2011 - 09:15 AM

This is a standing list of people who have been banned from our server, and why they have. If you find yourself on this list, there's probably a good reason. ;)

Date: Feb 8th 2011
Were found chatting about the desire to steal from other members, including dismantling some member's work. (Railway tracks, mine carts) for their own gain. Regardless if any actual theft has occurred, the personality trait itself is undesirable on this server and we feel we can no longer trust them.
(Update: Diamonds, Minecarts, Rails and several other things were found stolen in their inventory.)

Date: Feb 26th 2011
Several complaints against the user by several members about possible manipulating and selfish behavior. Including disrespecting players, making unreasonable requests and general bad behavior.

Date: May 3rd 2011
Stealing from a fellow player who went idle for a month assuming s/he was not coming back. Note that taking anything from any zone for any reason is STEALING, period. Regardless if the user has left the server or not for this very reason; sometime they come back!

Date: May 12th 2011
Enough said.

Date: August 4th 2011
Theft of items from an abandoned zone.
Using the X-Ray exploit to accelerate gold mining.

Date: April 6th 2012
- Egg'ed several players zones "for fun" randomly, and never fessed up to it. Even after members seemed upset about it.
- Egg'ed a member he had an argument with the day previously. (In retaliation?)
- Harassed members in another map, trying to bait them to PVP by "invading".
- Modified roads in SixtyCity without asking, multiple times.
- Built buildings in SixtyCity that didn't meet the rules.
- Frequent argumentative responses to Admin/Vet Oversight (Ask for forgiveness rather than permission attitude.)
- Invited himself to "help" kill the Enderdragon, didn't do anything, stole 30 levels and later collected the Dragon Egg and didn't say anything until confronted.
- Poked a hole in a player's hotel room exposing a spider spawner, and logged off
- Not community minded, "does what he wants" in team projects.
- Minor complaints from several members (over a dozen?)
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