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SixtyGig FAQ

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Posted 17 December 2014 - 03:37 AM



General Do’s

Read the RULES section here - http://sixtygig.com/..._etiquette.html

Mark your builds on the main map with your IGN using a [dynmap] sign, instructions here - http://sixtygig.com/...e/commands.html

Make your house in SG city and its immediate surrounding mob proof.

Terraforming to achieve your desired 'look' on the main map is OK.  Other than that, keep large-scale harvesting to the wilderness map ONLY.

Be aware that creeper damage to blocks is turned off, but TNT still works. Be careful with it.

Also be aware that fire spread is on and set to standard:http://minecraft.gam...com/Fire#Spread

Some building rules are a little flexible, if in doubt ask a Vet.

Community projects are welcome.

People enjoy visits!  (If we wanted to build all these things just for our own eyes, we’d play SSP and just chat in Vent.)

When saying "bye cul" it's polite to pause for any replies or insults.

DO not click THE egg!

Major Don’ts

Don't build too close to others on the main map, if unsure talk to them! Respect others' personal space.

Don't claim land you have no plan to use here and now.

Don't litter the map with half-finished projects.  If you must delay a project for some, add a [dynmap] sign describing when you should be back.  Otherwise, abandoned projects may be cleared by a Veteran after XX days

Don't damage builds unless you are trapped, make sure you repair it.

On that note, avoid Ros's Dungeon or what she calls a basement.

Use simple redstone only if within the city limits. (If in doubt ask a Vet.) If you must build using Redstone clocks elsewhere, be sure they have an accessible and clearly-marked off switch, and turn them off when not in use.

No (unmarked) deathtraps in your builds!  (Trapped chests? Well….)

Building a giant Torcido, I mean, penis will be frowned upon, mostly.

Do NOT click THE egg!

Admirable Donations

Check the Hotel for starter supplies, and ask around for help if you need it.  Folks are generous here. (Avoid being a scrounger or abusing donation chests though.)

Don't remove items from Fort Knox before having cleared it with a vet. Fort Knox is a storehouse for community project materials, it's there to fill as much as it is to deplete.

Using accessible player-made farms/grinders is okay. Just don't take anything without replanting, and don’t take anything out of their chests. (Leaving a ‘Thank You’ sign is also a nice touch.)

Wilds/Nether/Ender Harvesting -

Add wilds [dynmap] signs if you are investing a lot of time building a major harvesting site.  Note: the Wilds is communal, so a sign doesn’t ‘claim’ the area or make it off-limits to others, but it can lead people to look elsewhere out of courtesy or for undepleted resources.

Remove wilds [dynmap] signs before wilds reset or they hang around on the next map!

If you raid a structure in the wilds, mark it with a tall tower of dirt/cobble so it's clear to all that it's empty.  (Don’t mark raids with [dynmap] signs, unless you plan to return and remove it before the next reset.  See above.)

Private Rails

Public Rails/Stations are in a grid as shown in the map linked below.

Private Rail connections to the Public Rails should be made only at the pre-built connection points in each of the Public Station Stops (except Central).  info about connections here - http://sixtygig.com/...on-connections/

Connection lines to the Public Rails should avoid other people’s build areas (except with their permission) and be placed underground outside of your claim at a neutral depth around Y: ~35-45 (Not down at ‘diamond’ layer.  See “No main map harvesting” above.).

If using rails to get to Central then returning to your build via the End Portal, remember to occasionally carry back a load of rail carts to your originating Public Station (as they tend to build up in Central.)

Chest carts work at station stops. There are two systems, the most complicated (but easiest to use) way is referred to as Ori's design, which uses an underground room to launch and hold chest carts. The other designs use a small offshoot from the track which triggers when a single chest cart goes by, routing them all into the offshoot, and launching is done by placing them like a normal minecart. We recommend a limit of 4 carts.

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