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SixtyGig FAQ

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Posted 17 December 2014 - 03:39 AM



General Do’s

Read the RULES section here - http://sixtygig.com/..._etiquette.html

+Mark your builds on the main map with your IGN using a [dynmap] sign, instructions here - http://sixtygig.com/...e/commands.html

+Make your house in SG city and its immediate surrounding mob proof.

+Terraforming to achieve your desired 'look' on the main map is OK.  Other than that, keep large-scale harvesting to the wilderness map ONLY.

+Be aware that creeper damage to blocks is turned off, but TNT still works. Be careful with it.

+Also be aware that fire spread is on and set to standard:http://minecraft.gam...com/Fire#Spread

+Some building rules are a little flexible, if in doubt ask a Vet.

+Community projects are welcome.

+People enjoy visits!  (If we wanted to build all these things just for our own eyes, we’d play SSP and just chat in Vent.)

+When saying "bye cul" it's polite to pause for any replies or insults.

Major Don’ts

+Don't build too close to others on the main map, if unsure talk to them! Respect others' personal space.

+Don't claim land you have no plan to use here and now.

+Don't litter the map with half-finished projects.  If you must delay a project for some, add a [dynmap] sign describing when you should be back.  Otherwise, abandoned projects may be cleared by a Veteran after XX days

+Don't damage builds unless you are trapped, make sure you repair it.

+Use simple redstone only if within the city limits. (If in doubt ask a Vet.) If you must build using Redstone clocks elsewhere, be sure they have an accessible and clearly-marked off switch, and turn them off when not in use.

+No (unmarked) deathtraps in your builds!  (Trapped chests? Well….)

+Building a giant Renic, I mean, penis will be frowned upon, mostly.

Admirable Donations


+If you need something, ask. We're generally pretty generous.

+Using accessible player-made farms/grinders is okay. Just don't take anything without replanting, and don’t take anything out of their chests. (Leaving a ‘Thank You’ sign is also a nice touch.)

Wilds/Nether/Ender Harvesting

+Add wilds [dynmap] signs if you are investing a lot of time building a major harvesting site.  Note: the Wilds is communal, so a sign doesn’t ‘claim’ the area or make it off-limits to others, but it can lead people to look elsewhere out of courtesy or for more bountiful resources.

+Remove wilds [dynmap] signs before wilds reset or they hang around on the next map!

+If you raid a structure in the wilds, mark it with a tall tower of dirt/cobble so it's clear to all that it's empty.  (Don’t mark raids with [dynmap] signs, unless you plan to return and remove it before the next reset.  See above.)



+Please ensure all rails outside your own area are underground!!  Rails in your own area can run however you like.

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