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Application: ForanSpeilet

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#1 ForanSpeilet

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Posted 01 January 2016 - 10:35 AM

Hello there!
My username in-game is "ForanSpeilet", and my real name is Phillip. 
I am 16 years of age and live in Florida, USA. Currently in my 11th year of high school, I hope to attend the United States Military Academy to prepare for a career primarily directed towards medicine and chemical engineering. 
The Hippocratic Oath calls for the rising physician to "do good, or to do no harm." For me, it was always to do good and to do no harm, and my own personality follows accordingly. Because of my career goal as a physician, I must also dedicate large amounts of my time every day to my studies since that profession requires an intensive education, not to mention my endeavor to study engineering as well.
That is not to say that I lack other interests, however!
When I am not sentenced to stare at a chemistry book for hours or to trudge my way through calculus problems as my eyes glaze over, I am drawing, painting, thinking. On a beautiful day, I may open the door to head outside and sit in the grass, gazing at the sky and imagining a world where the breeze never dies and the sun never sets - before putting it down onto a canvas, or whatever surface my brush happens to find: 
And I have always loved having deep discussions on humanist and ethical philosophy between me and my friends, perhaps exploring the metaphors of Dostoevsky or maybe the rationale of Locke - two of my favorite writers. We'll take sides in a debate, and then we immediately exchange positions to stand for the opposing side - a practice I have learned to appreciate because it truly opens one's eyes to the other sides of the dice a bit. 
Other times, I turn on some relaxing 90s trance or progressive house music and stare at the ceiling, letting my thoughts swim around me.
Like the sea, I do not like to be restrained (although I try not to cause natural disasters when displaced); all of my hobbies have always been my way of being free, a way of creating my own world; when I was introduced to a place where voxels stretched across the horizon and beyond, my imagination was finally able to act on its most whimsical inclinations as I became obsessed with building: (I don't have any pictures of my older works, but I do have some of my most recent faction and creative plot builds, which are all more or less in a similar style and color palette)
Of course, freedom of expression is not enough for me. My interactions with who is around me and not simply what is around me have always had equivalent priorities, and the SixtyGig server is a place where I feel as though I can find others who are kind - yet human - without the use of strait-laced rules and unnecessary stringency. I've never had issues with interacting with people of all ages and dispositions throughout both my life and my experience in Minecraft, but servers where others are crude and maleficent have always left me feeling out of place, regardless of age.
I guess I'm just looking for somewhere to laugh along and feel at home at, and for others to share it with.

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#2 Captain_Marko

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Posted 03 January 2016 - 10:07 AM

Welcome, how do you find the time to sleep?

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#3 dc4460

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Posted 03 January 2016 - 10:28 AM

Hi there Foran and welcome,


I agree with Marko you are a very busy person :)


What sort of things do you like building in MC, we have a good varied range of designs that people have built.

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#4 ForanSpeilet

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Posted 03 January 2016 - 05:35 PM

Thanks! And er, that would be implying that I have time to sleep! 

As for builds, I've always had "phases"; I started Minecraft doing Classical builds, then I went to Medieval ones, then Renaissance, etc. Now, I just make whatever my mind decides to imagine, although these days, I have an affinity for impressionistic landscaping complemented by smaller man-made structures.

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#5 B01E

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Posted 04 January 2016 - 09:13 AM

Are you out of a family of norwegian immigrants, or is your username random?
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#6 ForanSpeilet

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Posted 05 January 2016 - 03:57 PM

Most of my family is from South Vietnam, actually! I simply have many relatives and extended family living in Norway, and their frequent visits have lent me exposure to the language and customs.

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