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Application: EpicBeasto111

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#1 EpicBeasto111

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Posted 07 March 2016 - 01:26 PM

In-Game Name: EpicBeasto111


Real/Preferred Name: Luke, Lucas, Epic, Beast, Beasto, etc. Whatever you please, I'll answer. 


Age: 18


Previous Minecraft Experience: 


     I began playing Minecraft in the eighth grade when I was thirteen years old. I accidentally started a survival world, which charted the course for not just my Minecraft preferences, but my preferences for gaming in general. I love a sandbox game, and even more so when a progression aspect is in the mix. Minecraft appealed to me in all of its facets. I've been playing Minecraft consistently for roughly five years, and I plan to continue this trend for years to come. 

     The journey has not always been an easy one. Once I discovered multiplayer servers, I discovered the full potential of the game. The community was teeming with creativity and friendship. However, this joy came to and end when the server I held dear suddenly closed its doors without explanation. I searched for months for a server of equal excellence with no success. I have managed to scrape by, jumping from server to server, trying to grasp a tight-knit community, yet none appeared. The search seemed endless.

     I did not relent.

     The search continued with the usual disappointments, with the occasional exception. These exceptions were always in the form of mature servers of which I was too young to be considered. After a two years of searching for a permanent home, I had essentially given up.

    My eighteenth birthday eventually did roll around, and I immediately began applying for those mature servers, but I found that many did not meet expectations. The community and maturity the servers claimed they had simply were not so. A new found disappointment set in. After that, I stumbled upon one last gold nugget called SixtyGig. I just hope that it isn't fools gold as I have found previously. 


My Background:


    I live in Mississippi in a small town south of Jackson called Ellisville. I consider myself to be above average in intelligence and have test scores to back that up. I enjoy competition, just not in the form of athletics. Economics excites me almost as much as architecture and engineering, which pairs me well with Minecraft. I play drums, skateboard, play video games on different platforms, and do a little carpentry and woodwork in my spare time. Writing is another one of my favorite things to do, but less about the real world and more about other universes and realms. I actually have several "projects", so I'll call them, that I'd like to finish and perhaps even publish, but that might be a little ambitious for what they are. I aspire to become a Polymer Scientist, though I'm not exactly sure what the field includes. I've heard that they spend a lot of time creating the latest technologies and making scientific discoveries that change the way the world functions, and that creative line of work seems suitable for me.


     That concludes the basics about myself. I do appreciate the consideration, as well as your time for reading through my somewhat lengthy application.

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#2 EZWoodworker

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Posted 08 March 2016 - 12:28 PM

Luke, you sound like a busy guy.  Good luck with your application.  As you can see from my IGN, I'm also a woodworker.  What kinds of things to you make?

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#3 Gnazghoul

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Posted 09 March 2016 - 12:41 AM

welcome to the forum Luke, and goof luck luck on the app.

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