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#1 Lycophyta

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Posted 25 September 2016 - 08:20 AM

IGN : jared2013


18 years old


Reason for wanting to come here:

The server I used to play on got overrun by 12 year olds. They created lag machines and the entire server was sold out to a 1mill sub YouTuber.


I also am interested in seeing another server that has been running since pre-1.0.


I'm from the United States region, so my playtime will probably be based on PT timezone.

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#2 Captain_Marko

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Posted 25 September 2016 - 09:55 PM

60G is closed and has been for some time, sorry!

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I Never Ever Nether ™

Read the 60Gig FAQ!

#3 Morbilim

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Posted 21 October 2016 - 11:19 AM

I suspect I am going to be the 'Old Man' of the server if I am allowed in. i am 50-YES you read that correctly, F-I-F-T-Y. LOL  I came to minecraft by way of becoming disgusted with WOTLK WoW . I tried vanilla private servers but I just could never get that'feeling' back. I came to minecraft as my , then 9 yer old got interested and  started building stuff on my own local Bukkit server whiĉ I never made public. I've downloaded my share of schematics , maps, worlds but, playing alone is, well, lonely. Servers are , as you noted , over run with bad-tempered 12 year olds and disgusting griefers so, i've been searching for something like 60Gig for sometime. I am a language geek, an information nerd, an ideological anarchist, NO, I don't smash things or squat, or riot. I am NOT that kind of Anarchist. I am also weirdly drawn to the social experiment of mmpog. I probably abbreviated that incorrectly. BTW i am in Texas-yeah, "good grief!" So, a mer i can


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#4 kanight_kanievil

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Posted 21 October 2016 - 02:01 PM

Sorry Morbilim, Sixty Gig has been shut down for a while now. I wish you luck on your continued search for a server. If you would like I suggest checking out Square One Minecraft  SMP server. http://www.planetmin...ty-t567364.html

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#5 Morbilim

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Posted 21 October 2016 - 08:51 PM

Bummer but, thanks for telling me. I always get 'there' late

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