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Community Project Rules and Perks!

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Posted 09 July 2011 - 08:13 PM

First off, welcome to the community projects thread!

Community projects are large scale managed projects the entire community can get involved in. Obviously since we use a zone system the idea of working together to build things is difficult and generally pointless. So, that's where the community projects system comes in!

ALL community projects are GIVEN THEIR OWN MAP. That's right, an ENTIRE map to use to build whatever your team agrees on. Not only that, but every single team member will have the option of having a FREE portal directly from their zone to the project map.

1. Name it (This is what the actual world file will be named)
2. (Optional) Pick a seed name if there's a specific map you like. I *highly* recommend you do this.
3. You'll need a list of jobs to fill. Builders, gatherers, whatever.. it's all up to you
4. Post your idea, plans, any important information all in this forum.
5. Once you have a team together, I'll create the map and make a portal in your zone, and your team member's zones if they want one. Along with a portal in the community zone.

It's up to you to manage your team, if someone isn't actually doing anything they need to be removed from the project member list and their portal revoked. Also, I need to be notified if you hire someone mid-project.

Your forum thread will act as your official way to communicate with the team. So the entire team needs to know to check your thread regularly for updates/info related to the project. I'll overhead the entire project as the admin, but it's up to you to get things done. All I do is setup portals and do other admin tasks required to move the project along. But it's your job to plan, build, gather and motivate the team.

- You can select a custom seed (As mentioned above)
- You can have a custom "Now entering" message to be displayed when someone comes into your project map.
- You can select where in the community zone you want your project portal, if you don't, I'll pick a place for it (You can always move it later)
- I can change the spawn point/portal location inside the project map for free, but you must keep the 2 close to each other. (Within 15-20 blocks)
- All members can request a FREE portal to their project map any time they want. But once placed, it'll cost 5 gold to move like any regular portal would.
- Your project will be added to the "Special Zones and Areas" section on the website, with a list of members who were involved and a basic description of the project.
- I may be able to do other things for you, just ask and we'll see if we can make it happen!

- ALL Projects must have a minimum of 5 members (The lead, plus 4 more)
- ONLY 2 projects can be running at once. In very rare exceptions, 3 may be allowed.

One your project is completed tell me, and I'll lockout the map, clean up extra chunks out in the distance and turn on WorldGuard. That way, no one can even abuse your zone. It'll forever be protected. I will also lock your project thread and mark it as "Completed".
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