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The Creative Group

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Posted 11 March 2012 - 06:22 AM

The Creative Group (TCG)


The Creative Group is a very uncreative name for a group that caters to creative players. We want to spend the valuable time we have left for playing Minecraft by actually building to our hearts desires. The introduction of creative mode has revamped the game for us, re-igniting our interests.

- If you are visiting our map, look, but don't touch! Some projects are interactive and you can play with them if you want to, but make sure there's a sign saying that the project is finished. We don't want redstone contraptions getting mad and taking over SixtyGig, right?
- We want everything in our map to be aesthetically pleasing. Think about what you're going to build, and what blocks you are placing where, and why! Why play creative if you're only going to use cobble, or half-ass your projects? We will maintain a high standard in our map.

The (sub)zone system
Okay, so what's the deal with sub-zones? Our zone will be divided into smaller subzones, so people can have some private space. We will use some type of blocks to mark borders (TBD). There will be a central area that will belong to no one and it's purpose is to have a nice portal area and some decorations made by players as a group.

We'll say it up front - we're going to be very picky who joins our map. The first step of joining is an interview that will be conducted by us. The second step is showing us your work that you've build in Limbo or someplace else. If we like what we see, you're in.

For now applications will be closed.

List of members
- tim_vanloo (founder)
- Balkep (founder)
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