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Posted 19 March 2012 - 04:44 PM


Current Members:
- ananda11
- mctheta

Seed: 1058978104520713210

We are starting this group as we have decided we want to share one 'o these new fancy SixtyGig parallel dimension-thingies. We aren't necessarily looking for additional members, but if someone really wants to be in a group and can't find one, let us know. Anyone who joins would need to be willing to pay a share of the cost of opening up the map, as we want each of us to have a large amount of space.

RULES (if anyone joins):

- no group 'leader'.. not necessary
- there will likely be a common build area similar to SixtyCity and we would want a thumbs up from all members of the group to proceed. no restrictions on the type of build, with one exception below.
- only build rules i can think of would be just keep unsightly grinders/factories out of sight of actual build sites and nice natural terrian areas... unless it's really awesome to look at while it's churning up mobs, then go nuts.
- we like to have rails interconnecting our personal areas and the major builds. keep that in mind when planning stuff out. ananda is obsessive about putting up rails and it's really nice to take tours when you don't feel like walking for days.
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