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||||||||||||||| SixtyGig player tracker for February 2014 |||||||||||||||

01 February 2014 - 01:39 AM

Month number two has arrived for 2014, and that means it is time for all you kiddies to bump the tracker to continue to be whitelisted.



11 players failed to check the PT for the month of January, make sure you tell them they were bad.



2 players were removed for not checking the PT, they will have to beg Ray to come back.



2 players were reinstated by begging Ray to forgive them for being bad people.



Note: To anyone wishing to rejoin SixtyGig as a member, posting on the Player Tracker is not sufficient to be reinstated!

Station Designs and You!

24 January 2014 - 10:51 AM

As we progress closer to getting the main lines in place the decor needs to be completed on the stations for the lines to depart and arrive from. Each station should have 6 aspects considered into the overall design.


1. The top station does not need to be anything fancy, It could be a simple building as below or even some stairways leading down. Keep in mind we want to keep wild animals and such out of the lower stations so they need some kind of mob proof entrance. Also the top section of station does not have to be directly above the rails, but try to keep them relatively close, in the case of the water stations there is the options of having more than 1 top station on opposite sides of the body of water with tunnels connecting to the rail stations themselves.



2. Stations need to have at least one set of horse friendly stairs connecting it from the lower station to the top station. Tho it is possible to add as many as 4. People will use the rails for horses once the entire system is functional, we can not and will not enforce any rule banning this activity, so consider this into your design. Just angle out on the 4 angled blocks between the rail lines a few blocks before turning the stairs and you should be safe from interfering with the redstonery.


3. It is recommended you provide a stable with pens, and additional hitching posts in your station design to safely contain members pack animals and steeds.



4. Some stations will have portals to other worlds located within them, if you are designing one of these stations (NNW, WNW, SSW, WSW, NNE, ENE, SSE, ESE) then you should consider the location of the portal and clearly mark them. The portals will be located in the top half of the station at or around ground level.


5. Add a few main roads around your station people can connect to over time, although the road system likely will never be done, but it would be nice if players did work on them at their own pace. The roads connecting to the stations do not need to be long, 10 - 20 blocks long, just an indication of where they are.


6. Design elements, you are free to use whatever materials you want in your designs, but all the stations have had glass blocks and panes added to the launcher area, which i think adds to the launcher design and would prefer this element to remain, and keep in mind there is redstone mechanics where the birch planks are so having redstone lamps in the center floor area may lead to conflicts. Also the buttons must be wood, it was brought to my attention that with the launcher design some people may experience latency issues, wood buttons provide a redstone signal 150% the equivalent of stone buttons and to reduce any one person having an issue due to a bad connection we will sacrifice some looks to ensure they can enjoy their SixtyGig rail experience.


One other thing to keep in mind is there is redstonery behind the 4 walls surrounding the rail lines as seen in the above image with the buttons and signs. The current design is 10 - 12 blocks wide, and 7 blocks tall although i am working on (lies i haven't even touched it) some alternative redstone designs with the same functionality specifically for the under water stations.


Oh and those ladders going up the middle as means to access the stations, those will not remain. I recommend a skylight, but it's your design so do what you wish.


Also i have built a few stations, or at least a few partial bottom stations, specifically water stations, (NW, ESE, W) and have no intention of building the top parts, feel free to redesign these if you would like to. This is part of the "no player connections till done" requirement for the rail network, i believe this may also apply to the portals.


Here is the current list of who has decided to work on and build the decor of the stations. Please post below and i will update the list as people jump on board.


Red - Not started, Yellow - In progress, Green - Completed


N - Top WordlyWalker, Bottom WordlyWalker

S - Top Elanderine, Bottom Elanderine

W - Top Rosleen, Bottom Rayvolution

E - Top Rosleen, Bottom Rosleen


FN - Top Rosleen, Bottom Rosleen

FS - Top Johssen1984, Bottom Johssen1984

FW - Top Captain_Marko, Johssen1984 and Rosleen, Bottom Captain_Marko, Johssen1984 and Rosleen

FE - Top Oribloke, Bottom Oribloke


NW - Top ?, Bottom ?

NE - Top Psarge, Bottom Psarge

SW - Top Rosleen, Bottom Rosleen

SE - Top LadyEh , Bottom LadyEh


FNW - Top Ecclamw, Bottom Ecclamw

FNE - Top Axmandan, Bottom Axmandan

FSW - Top Nekcalb, Bottom Nekcalb

FSE - Top Trippwire, Bottom Trippwire


NNW - Top Nekcalb, Bottom Nekcalb

NNE - Top Merlinver, Bottom Merlinver

SSW - Top wolfkstaag, Bottom wolfkstaag

SSE - Top Merlinver, Bottom Merlinver


WNW - Top Snugglequine, Bottom Snugglequine

WSW - Top Rosleen, Bottom Rosleen

ENE - Top LadyEh, Bottom LadyEh

ESE - Top iliplayz, Bottom iliplayz


One final note: I added enderchests to all the stations, please add these to the bottom station design, if you would like an enderchest in the top part of the station you will have to provide these yourself. Also i started chests for the redstonery and at the current time they only contain the cacti, but in time i will be adding the exact redstone components needed to complete the functionality of the stations to these chests, please do not take or borrow the items within or throw anything into the chests.

||||||||||||||| SixtyGig player tracker for January 2014 |||||||||||||||

01 January 2014 - 01:40 AM

The Server is running at optimal player activity, Bob now has carpal tunnel syndrome, and the next year of player trackers has arrived.


All players must check the player tracker monthly or risk being dewhitelisted.



17 players failed to check the tracker for December....


9 players were removed from the whitelist....


0 members were reinstated...


Happy New Year!

SG6 Rail Status

23 December 2013 - 01:49 PM

I know there has been some chatter about the status of the rail project, i haven't been super active due to full scale biological warfare going on inside my head at the moment. But i'll try and make it a little more clear so people can help where they can if they want.


Right now i am building the initial track layouts that give a clear template from point A to point B that players can contribute towards completing. Some stations however will require a lot more work than others, currently at the time of posting this i have a line that is 60% waterlogged and i was forced to take up fishing as a hobby for potions, the next station is 100% waterlogged so it will take awhile itself.


But for the time being here is the plan.

1. I will layout all the station tunnels, trying to explain the layout will likely add more questions than provide answers, this will take somewhat longer but if people are willing to finish connecting the dots it will go by quite well.

2. The station primary tunnels should be completed. Phase 2 and 3 can be alternated to suit the needs of the builders.

3. The above ground lines can be connected between stations that have met step 1 criteria as in i have completed the initial layout. There are a number of "above" ground tunnels to be dug as well.

4. The powered rails are to be placed in specific cords, i have not done the full calculations on these yet, but i will soon.

5. The lighting should be done on rail sections that are ready for for rails. The powered rails being placed will help with the placement of these.

6. The detector rails should be placed in the right orientation to the powered rails.

7. The regular rails can now be put into place, this will make the rail sections partially functional.

8. The stations will be built 1 at a time to make them fully automated, and ready for player connections.

9. There is no step 9, were freakin done. Today i am guessing this phase will be completed by April 1st. So 4 Months for 80,000 sections of rail, sounds feasible, also i think Ray is waiting on the station completion before adding the surrounding portals. So every bit of help will help.


Progress map, currently the light blue stations indicate the station tunnels can be completed, and any 2 light blue stations can be connected together. (note you may need to refresh your browser to see the latest updates.



How to build the station tunnels,

1. Follow the pattern from the center outward, eventually part of the inner tunnel will be removed when the station work itself starts.


How to build the above ground lines.

1. Place the wool in a straight line.

2. Add a row of stairs to the sides of the wool.

3. Build support columns, pillars, bridges, ect. To make them look realistic... NO FLOATING LINES GUYS AND GIRLS :P Also mob proof the lines from all hostile and passive mobs.

4. Add lighting and rails.




Update Jan 15th 2014


Ok well let me try and get some organization to this, i should have done so at the beginning but thought maybe it would work out giving everyone the freedom to work on what parts they wanted. For the most part it has, but there is always room for improvement.


Here is a list of all the lines, stations, and other tasks that need worked on / who is working on what. I will try to edit this post as people chime in.


Rail Mainlines


Blue - Not Started, Red - Under Construction, Yellow - Ready for Rails. Green - Completed



Central to North - Completed

Central to South - Completed

Central to East - Completed

Central to West - Completed


N to NE - Completed

N to NW - Completed

N to FN - Completed


S to SE - Completed

S to SW -

S to FS - Completed


E to NE - Completed

E to SE -

E to FE - Completed


W to NW -

W to SW -

W to FW  - Completed


NE to NNE -

NE to ENE -


NW to NNW -

NW to WNW - Completed


SE to SSE - Completed

SE to ESE - Completed


SW to SSW -

SW to WSW -


FN to NNW -

FN to NNE - Completed


FS to SSW -

FS to SSE -


FE to ENE - Completed

FE to ESE - Oribloke


FW to WNW - ?

FW to WSW -


NNW to FNW -

WNW to FNW - Completed


NNE to FNE -

ENE to FNE -


SSE to FSE - Completed

ESE to FSE - Completed


SSW to FSW -

WSW to FSW -

Station Status moved to here.


All of these details are based off the dynmap viewing, unless i have visually seen them myself noted by a * If you can please update the status of anything that has changed with it's status. Thank you!

Tasks for SG6

01 December 2013 - 09:43 PM

Bukkit eventually will release a build we can use and once that is done we can start on SG6..


The Poll above is not meant to be an assignment to what task you'll perform, it is primarily to let others know your intentions at a quick glance, also so players can coordinate and work together, If you don't want to participate don't answer the poll.


Realistically there will be 3 tasks needed to be taken care of "Miner, Builder, Farmer" and each of those can be broken down into 3 categories as well.




Metal Miner: The server projects will require tons of Gold and Iron, to get the most of both gold and iron i would recommend players who are directly seeking out those materials should mine between levels Y20 - Y35 for the best concentration of both materials, however feel free where you would like to mine, cave, ect.


Gem Miner: All the rail stations are going to need a fair amount of Redstone to make the functionality feasible, also being able to supply the workforce with diamond tools whether it involves building or mining would be quite essential and appreciated by those who chose to help in other areas.


Glowstone Miner: The rail network will be lighted by Glowstone, also the City itself will be utilizing this for lighting along the streets. Also Quartz will be needed for parts of the rail stations eventually for comparators.




Food Farmer: Everyone will need food, a sustainable supply is a must with a preference of 4 legged livestock as the primary food supply.


Wool Farmer: The rail network will use colored wool as the foundation of the tracks giving the network a color coded system as identification of routes. Each of these colors will need 20,000 blocks each... Yes that is not a typo and is nearly 6 double chest of each. Red, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Green, Lime, Blue, Cyan... Also a couple stacks of White, Grey, Light Grey, and Black... I suggest starting with one or two hundred sheep or so and work on one color at a time. This will probably go fairly quick if they are separated into several pens of around 20 to avoid being pushed all over, maybe have a water trough to collect the wool quickly.


Wood Chopper: Not so much a farmer as a harvester. There are likely a few thousand trees to be removed from the path of the rail network, anyone who wishes to collect vast amounts of wood i would suggest clearing them from the rail network.


Any farm should be built at least 350 blocks from the center of the map, this is so it doesn't hamper the builders of the walls and roads, also so it will not have to be moved anytime soon when people decide to start building city residences.




City Builder: The city has two walls, one with 150 block diameter (75 from the map center) and one with a 600 block diameter (300 from the map center) The idea is to have circular walls. And someone to build them, this is up for grabs, and whatever design, materials is up to the manager of this task. Within reason of course, any design should be approved by Ray before work is begun. There will be some challenges for who ever wants to take on this project. The land surrounding the city does have some serious hills in places, and even a few rivers which i suggest some arches with iron bars to keep out mobs. There needs to be 8 gates, one in each direction, however perhaps a double gate on the n, w, s, e sides accommodating the rails in between. See more in the roads...


Road Builder: This is the lowest priority position on the list, but people are welcome to work on these right away. The City roads should consist of 8 main roads leading from the center outward to the city gates. Whether the city inner wall has 8 gates or 4 is up to the person (people) working on this. In between the main roads inside the city there should be a random network of narrower roads between the plots. Plots should be around 30x30 so people can also have a yard around their house. The roads between the stations may be considered to be put off until the section of rail between the stations is complete so they don't end up in the way. They should lead out in a "+" and "x" fashion from the center as seen here in grey squiggly lines.




Rail Builder: This task will be quite tedious and once completed will benefit everyone greatly. Initially i suggest we only build the station tunnels, and the lines between each station. Once all the rails are at least functional then the stations themselves can be built and made all pretty and functional, and players can connect to these completed stations at such time. Note in case you missed it before *No player connections will be part of the central city station... As posted above the coloring of the rail lines is so every station has 4 different colors leading away from it, and no 2 stations have the exact same color pattern. Also this gives a way for people to explain to others how to get to their place such as the bottom left station would be from city central (YORP=Yellow,Orange,Red,Purple) or (RYPO) or (RPYO) ect. Right now the stations have no official designation as far as alpha or omega ect. Until stations have designated names the color coded method is best, even then that may be the best alternative. Also although the rail lines themselves are basically set into stone the way they are supported is not, be creative in how you build the pillar supports, or bust out some awesome bridge designs, although probably wait until the line itself is in place before getting those complicated bridges built. Free floating rail sections are not allowed however, they must appear realistically supported.





Putting together work teams may be possible, however assigning people to teams is unrealistic since everyone has different play times, and different ideas on how to go about things. The best course of action is for players to work together, if a group of people get together to mine or build together then one person probably should be nominated for the time being to be in charge and distribute tasks to willing players that are working with them.


Ideas & Intentions


Please put forward your ideas, and add a paragraph of your intentions for once the SG6 map goes live.



Nek: My ideas are spread out before you in the above text, My plan is initially to gather a stack of wool and gather a set of dyes needed to color the wool, then i will go to each station location and dig a shaft down to the proper station level and lay out the template for each Main Line leading away from the station, once i have all 25 stations marked with the initial template i will work on getting the rail lines built.


Ps: We will need tons of stone, i did not list this as a task because it is a by product of mining. If i may suggest put an auto furnace by the farm and between harvesting crops, and shearing sheep the furnace can smelt in loaded chunks while farming. And if you twist Rays arm maybe he will put a nether portal right there for easy lava collection to smelt the goods.