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#40697 Spawn and Public houses

Posted by EP43 on 15 November 2015 - 10:43 AM

I was thinking I wanted to make a library, have enchanted books for free and maybe some for trade. And if anyone wants to write some books, I can make an area for those to be made available too. Lots of quartz and brick is what I was thinking.....


But now that I have looked at the pics here and thinking about the hub area, maybe an old bookstore would be a better fit? If this is a good idea and someone wants to make an executive decision a s to where, I would be happy to build it and stock it. Just mark a spot for me around the Hub.

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#40559 Guardian Farm

Posted by EP43 on 21 October 2015 - 06:44 AM

This absolutely makes my day! I got to have sea lanterns. And yes Matt, those dark Prisma blocks look pretty nice too.


I will probably spend most of my day there today. I set up 3 chests at the SE corner of the farm for blocks and stuff anyone can take if they like. And feel free to get rid of or move those if you like.


Thanks for all the hard work!!



*EDIT* - Matt, I was AFK at your guardian farm, and when I came back I saw the short conversation you had with Danny about the shards. Sorry I used up your shards, I was planning to AFK there most of the day and was making room in the chests, just trying to help out and generate some mats.


I did leave some blocks and lanterns and you can remove those chests if you like. There is one I marked with your name on it, it is full of shards. Also I put about 2 stacks of Ink sacs in your other chest there.


Let me know what I need to do to make it up to you.... and thanks again for all your hard work on the farm.

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