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SixtyGig is a small community of Minecraft players, totally tired of everything else out there. We know pretty much the entire Minecraft community is full of 12 year olds, servers that usually don't exist more than a month and undereducated admins that you wouldn't trust to assemble your BigMac correctly. The average age of SixtyGig much higher than most servers, usually most players average from 18-30 and we pride ourselves on being the best. Yes, claiming to be "The best" Minecraft server may be quite a lot for a server that purposely restricts its player base to only around 40 members. But we are without a doubt, the one and only, absolute best place for any adult to call home in the Minecraft community. :)

Server Admin

I've been a gamer pretty much my entire life, starting on the NES and my old 386SX PC, moving onto the SNES and Sega Genesis, PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, Gamecube, Xbox, and almost every console in between. Like most geeky teenagers I spent most of my early/late teen years hanging out with other nerds.. Talking about everything from PC programming and web design to console gaming and pen and paper games, back when those were the "in" nerd-thing to do. I eventually joined the U.S. Air Force at the age of 19 as an F-16 Avionics Specialist. Now, I've just gotten out of the military roughly 3 years ago (As of writing this, in 2011), I work for Lockheed Martin traveling the world, and working on the same fighter jets I did in the military. (Just for a lot more money! :D). I hope you enjoy the site and the server, it took a ton of work to put together!

I pride myself on my extremely high integrity as an Admin on this server, I have not now and never will cheat. Period. Not for you, not for me, not for anyone. I own 2 totally independent Minecraft accounts. One is my admin account SixtyGig, and the other is my player account Rayvolution. The both are completely separate and you will never see me using my powers as an admin to assist my gameplay as a player. If I won't do it for you, I won't do it for me. So you can trust that SixtyGig is absolutely 100% favoritism/cheat free. I will never budge on any of the rules for anyone, it doesn't matter who you are. You could be my best friend of 20 years or some moron driving me up the wall that just joined yesterday, everyone will get equal treatment from me as an admin. No exceptions.

Well, the easy answer would be "Because we're just that damn good.", but obviously you wouldn't know that unless you are a member. The reason I feel SixtyGig is the absolute hands down best place to play is based on many different facts.

- We're a small, tight nit community. Literally everyone knows everyone.

- I don't hire random idiots off the street to run my server. I do it alone because I don't trust anyone to do it right but me.

- The server is well organized and managed with several systems put in place to maintain the server and the various maps we run.

- We're up 24/7 and our server can handle more players than we would ever want to have. Aside from the usual random hiccups all servers have to put up with from time to time, we're always-on and totally lag free.

- No griefing. Yes, seriously. NO griefing. TNT, Flint and Steel, Lava, and all other "griefer toys" are NOT disabled here. We all actually trust each other. Amazing huh?

- Theft is extremely rare and to date anyone who has stolen anything has been banned no questions asked. A large majority of players, including myself, keep their valuables in plain sight.

- PVP is not allowed on this server, but it's fully enabled... and to date, we've had ZERO players killed against their will by other player.

- No petty retarded arguments and drama, our server is "Crap free". Our in game chat and our forums are very pleasant and mature.

- Nearly all large-scale changes to the server are discussed with the community and we all work together to find a good working solution. You will find examples of how these discussions go all over the forums. I will not make a "off the cuff" change the the server without the majority approval of the members of SixtyGig.

Don't believe it? Well I can't prove to you it's true unless you become a member. But I tell you, it really, truly, honestly, is that good.

SixtyGig is very unique server with a wide range of players all over the world, but unlike most servers we have for the most part, no problems! Most of this is in part due to our rigorous selection system. It does take a while to become a member of SixtyGig, but it has been proven time and time again that the system works! For a general idea what to expect, when a new player is accepted to our server, they are sent to a place called Limbo. Limbo is a totally isolated map where all the potential members can play together and it is treated for the most part, like a freebuild server. Once a month everyone who we deem a good candidate for membership is moved out of Limbo onto our main map where the core of the SixtyGig experience begins.

SixtyGig is a freebuild server, we have no regions, no guarded or protected areas. You just find a nice spot you want to build in, and build! All we ask is you respect your nieghbors. We do have several rules about resource gathering though, and if you're ever in doubt ask. For example, you're not allowed to mine on the main map, you must go to the specially assigned "Wilderness" map. Once there, it's free game. You can collect all the resources you want, and tear the land to shreds, just respect everyone else's stuff. The Wilderness is a special map, reset the first Friday of the month, every month and it's sole purpose is resource gathering, so don't worry about wrecking up the place; no one cares!

For the most part, once you become a member of SixtyGig you'll find we try our best to merge the safe environment of playing single player with the benefits and community of multiplayer. We strongly advise you read the entire website, and brush up on all of the important topics scattered around. The server isn't very complicated, but it very heavily community driven.

Emotional maturity is a funny thing, it's not something that can really easily be defined. In fact, I would say maturity is one of those things you can't fully understand unless you have it. There are plenty of people in this world who misinterpret maturity, people who think being a stuck up pompous ass makes you mature, while others think it's just being over the age of 18. Well a good news flash for both the pompous ass and the silly 18 year old, you're both wrong! (As far as SixtyGig is concerned anyway) So, what is maturity in the sense that SixtyGig defines it? That's probably the question that really matters here.

Maturity as SixtyGig defines it, is ethics and fair treatment of all people everywhere and the ability to look beyond your own personal morality and judge the entire world from their own points of view. It goes beyond just your community, government and religion, it is the ability to think beyond the basic ethics and morals that society has placed upon us and be capable of independent thought on the subject. It's not wrong because a policing government, an old dusty religious text or even a rules page on a Minecraft Server says it is, it's wrong because it's simply just wrong, and it takes a special kind of thinker to be able to fully understand that. A true SixtyGig member needs no rules, needs no laws and is the kind of person who could survive the application process without reading a single thing on this entire site and still somehow fit the mold. (But please, read everything! :P) These people have ethics and morality beyond any guidebook, and believe in doing the right thing simply because it's right. So you should ask yourself, could you be an ethical human being without being told whats right and wrong? If your answer is "no" you don't belong on this server. ;)

The players are fun, interesting, and diverse. There is almost always someone on no matter what time it is because we're spread out all over the globe.
You can have peace and solitude without being completely isolated, but you can also have social interaction without being overwhelmed by too many people.

Everyone is polite, friendly, helpful, and welcoming.

Also, you can leave a chest of diamonds in the wild with nothing but a sign on it and still expect it to be there a week later. That kind of player base is rarer than emeralds. :)


After having spend alot of time on different multiplayer servers, this is without doubt the best server I've been on! It is a close knit community, where people are so willing to help eachother that trading almost becomes obsolete, and feels more like a giant family than a server filled with people from all over the world. The buildings are almost as amazing as the people we've got, and where else can you have a long and pleasent conversation about tea on a friday night? :) The lack of mods adding non-vanilla things to the game only makes the server more of a team efford, without a /home command, a train system if more needed (and what a train system it is!). I wouldn't want to play anywhere else.


I was made to feel very welcome right from the start when I joined SixyGig. It's a very sharing and caring community, there's always someone willing to help, give, lend or do something for you if you require. Gone are the days of having to hide your chests and protect them from thieves and griefers, nothing is ever taken, it's a shame real life isn't the same. There are some amazing builds on SixtyGig but even if you build a dirt hut you are still part of the community, you don't have to be a crazy huge round palace builder to be welcome ;) Obviously you will get to know certain players within game more than others due to differing time zones but the forums are also part of the great community of SixtyGig. At the time of writing I am 39 years old and there are actually players older than me so that's a good thing, players have life real experience as well as a long gaming life, some of us remember the C64!


I joined 60gig some time back in the mists of time. It's my second home, so much so that I had forgotten that other servers even exist. Players trust each other and griefing/stealing and other strange things are unheard of. I leave my valuables in plain sight as do most people. There's just no need to worry about it here. Even if someone managed to join and cause problems Ray, the server owner is quite capable of undoing any damage and bringing out the dusty banhammer. He's also quite a nice guy, but don't tell him I said that.

There are some very talented builders here, no braggers though. We share our world and are happy visiting each other, helping out with designs, and offering advice when asked for. There is always someone building something amazing to go and get ideas from. And best of all, grinders, farms and such are pretty much all free-to-use, with the usual proviso of replanting, resetting etc.

We are a mature group, in age at least, so if you are 18+ (or 40+ in my case) you'll find our relaxed attitude a welcome relief from the usual minecraft kids servers. The rules are simple and easy to follow, boil down to don't be a knob and don't build eyesores out of cobble n dirt. :D Come and join us.


I like Sixtygig. Trying to describe it in words is like trying to balance a rock on a spider, it gets messy. So yea, just play the server and you'll agree!


Can I just say "I liek SixtyGig becauz buttz."? That would be a great representation of SixtyGig and its mature gamer base, right?


I played on multiplayer servers for the better parts of 6 months, constantly complaining to my wife about the bickering, on-and-off relationships of the typical 12-16 year old and that time and again I would lose intricate buildings to griefers. She searched for me while I was at work one day and found SixtyGig and I haven't left since. The structure of the server is great for an active adult gamer.


In two days I'll be moving from Limbo to the zones. I've been there for roughly two weeks now and I can tell you from experience, that even though Limbo is a separate map, you feel very much a part of the server and its players. When I first joined, I figured time in Limbo would be spent mostly by gathering resources and trying to make time go by faster. This is not the case, or at least it has not been the case for me. I found myself building a home, which quickly grew every day I spent playing on the server. In other words, this server grabs your attention from day one, and you will not regret a single moment you spend here.


I'm a 26 year-old law student and have been with sixty gig for just under a month. The Sixty-gig staff is extremely democratic and actively seeks input and suggestions from the members before making substantial changes to the server. This kind of humility is what has captivated my attention and convinced me that sixty-gig is a server in a league of its own. The community is kind, trustworthy and most of all mature.


After several weeks of playing survival single player I was interested in finding a multi player server to join. Reading countless posts on the Minecraft server thread I was frustrated with what was being offered. Every post was basically the same, no whitelist, admins needed, lots of freebies, also must be a great builder, and anyone who wants in can get in. All the servers seemed like they were established by people who had no administrative experience, no worries about who they were letting in. Griefing, killing, stealing, swearing, spitting, and any other inappropriate behavior was not only allowed, but it seemed it was encouraged.

So eventually a few weeks into my search without even so much as trying what I saw before, I came across the Sixty Gig community. I was quite impressed for once, a nicely set up forums, a server that allocated a specific zone of land to each member. Whitelisting required, No griefing, No killing, No stealing, No freebies, building skill not required, and an application process. Obviously an admin who had an idea what he wanted for a change. Someone who cared about who was in the server, as well as how they treated others, and the way they affected others work and valuables.

I was grateful that I got accepted to be a member of the server. Once I started playing I found the other members to be friendly and helpful. My building skills are not perfect, sometimes I start something and it takes time to see what I am building develop. I would suspect on other servers that my projects would be degraded or destroyed before the end result was apparent. But with the Sixty Gig server this is not an issue. The other players often compliment my work, which in itself is a nice feeling. Although it is possible to Grief, Kill, or Steal, and even Cheat on the Sixty Gig server, this is not an issue. With the constant server backups, and other measures that are in place. Anyone who even attempts to do any of these things will be caught, and banned immediately. I know everything will be returned to the state it was in before such mischief occurred as soon as possible.

Since becoming a member of Sixty Gig several months ago I have been completely happy with the Server, Administration, and Players. I have zero regrets joining the Sixty Gig community, and although there have been a few small incidents with rule breakers, the evidence was apparent and they were dealt with in a professional manner by the administrator. Additionally the server has been evolving with additional content and new possibilities with the recruitment process. These changes included the server expanding from 25 zones to 60 zones, the addition of a wildlands map connected to the portal hub that members can access to harvest, mine, or build freely. Community projects to join other members in developing areas to explore and build together, also the community zone for all members to build a small city where everyone may build a structure to contribute to the community. And recently Limbo! As a restricted place for new recruits to spend a little time inside the server, also it is isolated from the community zones while they are still able to participate in the chat and forums.

Sixty Gig is a great place to make friends and show off your work, without the hassle of others destroying any of your projects, stealing your valuables and ruining your gaming experience. A place where mature adults can play in peace and the younger mature players are treated as equals. If there is another server out there that remotely resembles Sixty Gig it is 1 in a 1,000,000.

I look forward to continuing my gaming experience as a Sixty Gig member in the future, exploring, mining and building, as well as admiring the creations of others.