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SixtyGig is the main server map, it is never reset. This is the map that you and all of your fellow SG'ers will build on. Major resource gathering is not allowed on this map unless it is necessary for building purposes. You may make cosmetic changes to the land as you see fit to suit your needs, but you can't do any major resource gathering, like branch mining, clear-cutting entire forests or gathering large amounts of sand from a desert.

There is 1 Nether and 1 Wilderness map, they are all 100% Free Build and are reset once a month usually on the first Friday of the month. When the maps are reset, all of the map's chunks are deleted. Meaning EVERYTHING that was on the map is now gone, so if you have anything in the map, it's recommended you move it out before the first Friday of the month! There are no limits on these maps, you can do whatever you want. Large scale branch mining, clear-cutting entire biomes, obliterate a beach, take all the glowstone, it does not matter! We only ask that you respect other player's build, chests and items that may be on the map.