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Limbonians (Green) - People in limbo are on trial on the server, and may get dewhitelisted if they prove not to be a good fit for the server. There are no restrictions while being in limbo, and limbonians have the same build rights as everyone else.

Members (Teal) - People who have survived their time in limbo get rewarded with the members rank.

Established (Purple) - Members who have been around and active for quite some time.

Seasoned (Blue) - Seasoned players get a say in community decisions.

Veterans (Orange) - Veterans get a say in community decisions, as well as the right to veto applicants who they don't deem fit to be on the server. Veterans also have the authority to decide in questionable matters.

Co-Admin (Pale red) - Helps run the server, and deals with a lot of technical mumbo-jumbo.

Admin (Red) - the almighty server admin.