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Interested in donating to SixtyGig? Well, here's the place to start! SixtyGig has always been, and always will be a free server. But, as you all know, it isn't free to run. Many people in the past have asked if they could donate to SixtyGig, and historically I have always turned them down. But, while no amount of funding deficiencies will close SixtyGig's doors, it would be nice to have some help here and there!

What will I get for donating?
Absolutely nothing! SixtyGig already offers you everything we are willing to offer, and any special incentives would be nothing more than holding something back from the people who didn't donate or giving players who did an unfair advantage, and that's not what SixtyGig is about! SixtyGig isn't about generating cashflow, pay-to-win, or buying status, it's about playing Minecraft on a fair, balanced legitimate server with good friends! I will never restrict anyone's game play to try to coheres donations out of them, everyone on SixtyGig gets the same experience, with no exceptions.

How much do you want?
It's completely and totally up to you, you can donate as little as a $5, or $1,000. You will not be looked down on for not donating or not donating enough. I offer many options (See table on the right), including subscription models if you want to donate every month, instead of a 1-time donation. It's entirely up to you what you want to do. You won't be looked at poorly for not donating enough or not at all.

What are the total server costs?
The costs are for this web server, the IPB license and the server itself. It breaks down as following:
- Game Server: $100/Month
- IPB Renewal License: $10/Month
- Web Server: $40/Month
- My blood and sweat: $0/month
- Total: $150/Month

Where does excess money go, if there is any?
If we end up with an excess of money for any given month, it will be rolled over into next month's costs. At absolutely no time will I pocket your money for my own use. It's all 100% for the server. If we all come together and generate well-over the required amount to keep SixtyGig running, we will have some SixtyGig sponsored contests with actual real prizes, like stuff from ThinkGeek, Jinx, Steam games, whatever works! So rest assured, *all* the money no matter how much, will go back into the server in one way or another.

Will I get any kind of badge or recognition for donating?
No, the veterans and seasoned came together and agreed that no one should feel guilty for not donating. Thus, we do not want to offer donation badges or statuses to people who have because we feel it puts them on a pedestal, and would make non-donators feel ashamed for not donating. That's not fair to the non-donators, who deserve to play on the server just as much as everyone else.

Why are there no subscriptions for less than $5, and why do you recommend a minimum of $5?!
Paypal's minimum transaction fee is 38 cents, so $1 would mean almost half your donation would go to paypal, and not the server. $5 just seems like a nice round bottom line, you are absolutely more than welcome to donate less than $5. I won't complain! I just don't recommend it because there's a point of diminishing returns because of Paypal's fees.
One-Time donation:

$5/Month Donation:

$10/Month Donation:

$20/Month Donation: