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Applications 25 Sep 2016
IGN : jared2013   18 years old   Reason for wanting to come here: The server I used to play on got overrun by 12 year olds. They created lag machines and the entire server was sold out to a 1mill sub YouTuber.   I also am interested in seeing another server that has been running si...
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My Application

Applications 20 Jul 2016
My name is pokecraft4927 (real name Jake and no not a robot don't worry). I am 18 years old, born in Illinois in the U.S i am of Polish heritage so i love to speak about Poland and Europe in general. I want to join because I've been a huge minecraft person but I'm looking for a good server that i...
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Where did everyone end up?

Public Forum 17 Jul 2016
Hey guys! I was able to reconnect to my old server at zero.minr.org, but it's hard to get build rights there. The other one I play on is damnation.eu. Lots of world's which are new and empty, and easy to join. How about everyone else? Drahmee
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Application of SyntholixParadox

Applications 23 Jun 2016
In Game Name: SyntholixParadox. Real Name: James. Age: 15. Previous Minecraft Experience: I have played Minecraft ever since 2009. I am a decent builder, but I have never been good at redstone. I loved PvP a lot in the past, but then I got bored, so I started chatting with people and I loved...
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Hello Sixtygig, I apologize.

Public Forum 18 Jun 2016
Hello Sixtygig, I last introduced myself on Sixtygig in quite a offensive and non-mature way. The occurence happend at the time of October 2013. I was a 13 year old kid eager to play som serious minecraft, and was willing to do anything. So I displayed all my details and information, this has had...
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