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Dear Sixtygig, Meme is Here To Rock Your Minecraft

18 April 2013 - 08:30 PM

In Game Name: MemeScreen
Real Name/Preferred Name: Nathan - but call me Meme
Age: just turned 19 April 6th  :cake_block_32px:


Hi I'm Meme. I am a friend of GreyLovelady, and have also appeared in his videos recently. I have been playing Minecraft since before Beta 1.8 and still love it. I met Grey on BobCraft about a month ago. He is the one who told me about your server(hopefully it will soon be our server  ;) ).   BobCraft is great, but like Grey I agree that a, "overwhelming amount of young kids flooded the server and now that's all the server is."(Grey) Not to say that i will never go back there. It was the only place i have ever been really been a big part of the server. The other servers just ignore you and you get lonely after a while. That is probably really what I'm looking for in a server. A place that I have contributed to and appreciates me for who i am, not just asks you to join there faction only to never come on again or grief you  :tnt_32px: . (wow sort of emotional, lol). On another note I am a big builder I LOVE IT. It's my thing. Not that it's the only thing I can do, but you know what i mean. Just as well I only play Minecraft on multiplayer, never single player. It is just not exiting or fun to do things without your friends. I am not very good at composing my thoughts, so I would love it if you would ask me some questions. Again, I want to get to know people. So just know that I if what I said above has any sort of relevance to you or this server, please accept me if you think I could fit in well on this server. 


Thanks for your  :clock_32px:



P.S. I might do YouTube stuff if i ever get the courage to. lol :face_chicken_32px: