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Mod noob.

28 October 2014 - 04:31 PM

Hey, I really don't know any more how to install mods minecraft. But I'll like to have a minimap. I tried to install forge but the server is running a different version then forge it so.

If you know a minimap mod and if you have the will and patience to a noob in need, be my lvl 95 Druid hero ( or paladin (what ever)) and help my quest for a minimap.

different language game (not really a game) thingy

21 October 2014 - 07:32 AM

So I love how different languages look complete different (Woow, I'm smart). But I thought we have some different nationalities and then some people know more then one language so I want to give this a shot.


Translate the following in you own language and other lanuages you know:




1. Strawberries with cream.

2. Chips are made of potatoes.

3. I drive a red car.

4. The pig eat all the chocolate.

5. I love tea to much



1. Aardbei met slagroom.

2. patat zijn gemaakt van aardappel.

3. Ik rij in een rode auto.

4. De varken heeft alle chocolade opgegeten.

5. Ik hou teveel van thee.