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DC application

02 December 2015 - 11:55 AM

Hi guys my name is Dave but most friends call me DC.


I've read that SixtyGig is for mature players 18+ who want to play minecraft with other mature players and don't get bothered by youngsters who just want to moan, grief, steal etc, etc....  


Bit of background info!


I'm 51 years old (might be the oldest on here)

I come from the UK

I've been playing MC for around 6 years

I work in the Multimedia, Instructional Design industry designing aviation 2d /3d animations for training products. I think this is one reason I like MC.


I enjoy playing Minecraft in my spare time, I enjoy building especially tree-houses and Japanese builds. I've played many different types of servers Creative, PVP, Semi-vanilla but my favourites are vanilla servers, I just enjoy starting with nothing and having to grow, build and create everything. I even played a Ultra-hard server which is impossible, I still pop on to see a friend or two, but on their it's all survival as everything is made to kill you, so I'm looking for a more calmer and friendly server.


I hope this is enough info, if not please ask for more if you require.



I hope to here from you soon!!