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Wilds Nether & End

14 October 2015 - 04:24 AM

I've been thinking that a problem with having the nether and end reset monthly was that it excluded those areas from being built upon. There are some amazing build opportunities that we miss out on in the nether & end, for example.

It also means that large projects like the enderman farm needed to be rebuilt each month, and prevents farms for mobs such as ghast's, blaze's, wither's, magma's, etc, which really require a lot of time to make efficient.

I was wondering what the rest of SixtyGig-ian's thought about having a "build" end and nether, and a "wilds" end and nether?

Of course, such a change brings up a lot of further questions, such as where do we place portals, when is each world reset, the size of each world, etc. There are also technical details, such as whether more worlds cause more lag - I actually think this isn't an issue, as Multiverse allowsfor disabling loading a world unless a player is in it.

I can think of two configurations, A and B , for placing portals (personally, I like A better).