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Public Project

05 January 2016 - 12:54 PM

I would like to open up my build to everyone.


I started a modern city just up northeast of the hub. I have since made some nice highrises, buildings, streets, shops and also the odd farm or seven... Now I'd like to invite anyone who wants to make a modern house, highrise, shop, farm, basement, interior, vehicle or otherwise to come and add to the city.


There are no strict ruleset, except it must be modern. You can make roads, as long as they make sense, are made from black wool, and follow the size and design of those already there. I picture the town center being where the tall buildings are, and the residential area east of the mall, but maybe it will grow into something different.


If you would like to keep a building for yourself, to decorate, please put a sign on the entrance with your name. Everyone can decorate and do interior in the buildings with no signs saying otherwise.


I will make a chest area somewhere, where I will put materials for the city. I'll make sure to mark it with a dynmap sign, when it's ready. Everyone can donate materials to the city there also.


EDIT: Building materials for the city is at ground level, right under the gold farm in the biggest highrise in the city.


The mountain north of town that has a road leading into it, is mine. I have hollowed out a lot of it, and that will be my project. Feel free to visit, though.


The Mall I just made is free to be filled with shops of all kinds. You can change the floors, change glass windows to walls and combine multiple shops if you like, but please don't alter the basic structure, the center or the outside.


Any villagers placed in the city can not be moved by anyone but the person who placed them, unless you get permission from that person.


Existing farms made by me must not be altered, unless you get permission by me. Everyone is free to use them, though.


When building, please try to make it non mob spawning. I have tried to keep the whole center of town mob free from mobs by use of halfslabs and "hidden" lighting. This is tricky at times, and sometimes not 100%, but please try to keep mob spawning down when building.


So come on up/down/over and let's make the town grow.



signs on wilds map.

27 December 2015 - 01:11 PM

I vaguely remember something about it not being a good idea to make signs on the wilds map, if you didn't plan on taking them down before the reset, because the sign would stay behind and be visible on the new map.


Is this still the case?


If so, I would very much like to know now, so I can take the long treks without a specific timelimit.

Nether reset schedule

08 December 2015 - 05:08 PM

I have noticed that nether gets reset every month. Why?


The player base right now would suggest the nether be reset every 3 months. I haven't seen any depletion of quarts or glowstone (which can be obtained in the witch farm easy), so why not only reset every 3 months - and sooner on demand.


I think this might encourage people to build stuff in the nether. Not just farms, but maybe a nice portal house, some rails and maybe something larger.


I know that I mentioned in an earlier post, that I didn't want to build in the nether, but that was in the permanent nether. I don't have plans for a huge nether castle. A reset nether that lasts 2-3 months would be more interesting for me, and having a bit more time with it would make me build something there.


Am i the only one interested in a nether that resets less often?

Missing powerrails at 61tasc130fe's build

03 December 2015 - 11:29 AM

A little conundrum has appeared near Jeff's build.


Specifically at the end of his railline from the southeast portal to his build. All the rails going from the tunnel and up into the build has mysteriously disappeared. It looks very suspicious and very much like someone needed some powerrails and forgot to ask first.


Does anyone know who needed to borrow the rails?


And if you are the one who borrowed them, could you please return them now?

Wilds expansion - again

15 November 2015 - 03:32 AM

I have been searching wilds for Podzol, Mycelium and Packed Ice. It seems to be just outside the current border in the wilds.


If the border is expanded 1000 blocks we can get the Packed Ice, and podzol. If we expand 1500, mycelium is avaliable.


I wanted to know if anyone else is interested in an expansion, so now I post here on the forum.


I for one would like to have the border expanded another 1500 blocks, even if just for 2 weeks (or a limited time), so the strain on the server is not too bad. Then it can be taken back to the current place. 2 weeks will give me enough time to make a trek out there, and bring back enough to last me a while. Mycelium can spread, so that trip only has to be done by one person, and a garden could be set up in the hub.


Am I the only one? Please post your comments below.