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Dahwhat's membership app

10 November 2014 - 04:11 PM

so, i just wrote out my entire application and Chrome crashed erasing my whole entry. i'll try to redo it as good as i can...


In Game Name: Dahwaht
Real Name/Preferred Name: Just call me "Frosty"
Age: 29

Previous Minecraft experience: I started playing Minecraft during late alpha, and played pretty often till just after full release. i got distracted by some other games, but am looking to get back into it with some "adults" ;) i don't' do any crazy redstone, or even any elaborate builds. i'm definitely function over form. I'd like to get involved with community buildings and events where someone else can contribute the creativity ;)

Your background: I'm a union elevator constructor in the city of Boston and surrounding areas. ( the job has it's ups and downs ) I ride motorcycles. ( I have a Ninja and a Sportster )  I have a couple of tattoos with heavy personal meaning. I've been skydiving a couple times and plan to go again next year. I also enjoy snowboarding during these cold dark nasty new england months. during the summer I'm outside hiking, camping, mountain biking, and doing that keeps the joints moving and the heart racing. I've had the same tight knit group of friends since we were 5 y/o. Our group has it's own gravitational pull and has grown considerably since the beginning. Our annual camping trip has grown to over 30 people!!!!


I look forward to meeting new, mature Minecrafters to work off the rust with.