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Ande3162's Application

01 January 2015 - 02:29 PM

In Game Name:  



Real Name:

 My name is Matthew but it doesn't matter too much too me what people call me, Ive gone by Matt, Matthew, Ande, Anderson (My last name), so really whatever works. 


Where Im from:

I live in Minnesota



26 (01/30/88) 


Previous Minecraft experience:

I don't really remember when I first bought Minecraft but I know it was still in beta at the time because I remember there was some bit about "get it at a better price now because when it goes out of beta it'll be more expensive".    I think what attracted me to the game the most especially in the beginning was really the same thing that attracted me to Lego's  and K'Nex as a young kid, just that sort of creative build whatever I can imagine thing.    Ive really only spent a decent amount of time on one online server called "Better In Game". Better in Game is an 18+ Minecraft Server and really wasn't all that bad and even though I do not play on it anymore I don't have many bad things to say about my time there.


My Background:

I bought my first computer (Macbook) when I was in college late 2008 and really had no intention in using it for gaming at all. I was hanging out a friend one evening and one of his roommates was playing World of Warcraft, I asked him about it and after hearing what he had to say I decided to give it a try myself, I recently stopped playing WoW altogether but as far as gaming goes thats really where it all started for me. Ive never really cared as much about the game I'm playing as much as the people that Ive had the opportunity to meet while playing those games and Id hope that if you could ask them that they'd have good things to say about me. 


Id like to take just a little bit more time and tell you why Id like to join your server and why I hope Id be a good fit on your server.     Firstly, why do I want to join? As I mentioned a little earlier I no longer play WoW and the biggest reason why is because its become far too time consuming for me. This server interests me because I like the game and Id like to game a bit more with good people.     Secondly, why I think Id be a good fit. Im a good player but I'm a much better person and beyond being another member you might just find a good friend in me.      Anyhoo, I suppose thats about it, whoever reads all this I appreciate your time and look forward to hopefully getting to know you.