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ElementalDeath/the_assasain application

16 May 2015 - 08:07 PM

Yes, my name is split because a few months ago I changed my Minecraft name and had just gotten my account created on here. I am an educated teenager (13 years old) who's father is a veteran and name is GarrikP. I have wanted to play on this server with my father for a while and hope I can be welcomed into this community.I am from Cincinnati, Ohio but am currently living in New Summerfield, Texas. I think I should join so I can make new friends and help improve this already wonderful server. I apologize but the reason I have not managed to post this until now is due to the fact I am not online except for every other weekend... I hope that is is OK if I can only play on these certain days. I truly hope you accept my application and welcome me into this wonderful community to play Minecraft with all of you.