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Who owns this area?

13 April 2015 - 10:14 AM



I was looking around for a place to put my buildings and came across this area that is located east from Flame's evil empire.


Anyone know if this is abandoned?

Raymadin's Application

21 March 2015 - 01:23 AM

Hello SixtyGig community! I am very excited to have discovered this server and to think I stumbled upon it by chance (more on that later). Thanks to Stacy for the application template; here, then, is my information:


In Game Name: Raymadin. This handle originated from one of my World of Warcraft characters. As you may guess, the name is a pun on the Paladin class. You see, I am quite terrible at thinking of names for my characters in those types of games so I just use the class to help with that. For example, I had other characters named Raymlock (for the Warlock) and Rhaman (for the Shaman) etc. Incidentally, I use the past tense because I no longer play that game. Now if you are wondering why all the Raym-type names it is due to my real name found in the next section.


Real Name/Preferred Name: Raymond. That is my real name but I go by Raym to distinguish myself from those who may share a similar name such as the Admin. I pronounce it as R-A-Y –EM. I have heard others say it as rhyme—which I don’t really see it as that but pronunciations do not really matter to me. You say toe-may-toe I say toe-mat-toe right?


Age: 38 going on 39 this June.

Previous Minecraft Experience: I’ve been playing Minecraft early on before it was officially released. I do not remember all the details. . . I think it was in beta and priced around 15 dollars. I do remember having to look up a YouTube video on how to survive the first night. I also remember spending many months playing and trying to create my first structure, a wizard tower, which eventually spiralled out of control.


            As the years have gone by I have played off and on when the mood strikes. I’ve always played on survival mode. Some of my memorable highlights include:

  • Digging a 25x25 hole all the way down to bedrock using just stone and iron tools (I have a screenshot of that if anyone would like to see it one day).
  • Building my first pagoda following a YouTube guide. I think it was by Mathias Kappen.
  • Building many more pagodas since it was the only thing I knew how to do (sighs).
  • Building a long rail system from my home to where the other players generally were on this server. The ride, by minecart, took fifteen minutes!
  • And recently now, stumbling across the building style of Madness64 and building things in his style—my proudest achievement, following his castle tutorial and building it with my own modifications.

As a last note for this section, I am not literate with redstone but would like to learn.


Your Background: Well let me start by saying I am from Canada, BC, Vancouver. As a Canadian I do follow my local hockey team, the Canucks. As a youth and teen, I used to follow the team with devout fanaticism but that has waned over the years. For example, when I was a teen and the team loss, I would literally get angry at them saying to myself, “why did you have to lose!” Nowadays when the team loses I just go about my business, ho hum.


Similar to Rayvolution, I grew up with video games: I started off playing the Atari, Coleco Vision, Intellivision, and then the NES and SNES. I think we had a Sega somewhere in there too. But after the SNES I switched from consoles to computer-based gaming. To this day, I have not owned any other consoles. So with computers, I started off with the Atari-ST and then Commodore Amiga. I remember spending hours after school playing Dungeon Master to the detriment of my academic grades.


Speaking of academics, I eventually did scrape my way through post-secondary and earned my BA majoring in English. I was never a model student which is ironic since I chose to become a teacher. I am still relatively new to the profession and I am still learning how to be more effective. Actually, the learning never ends in this respect.

As for my passions, computer gaming would be my strongest passion. Strangely enough, I am currently not playing any games at the moment with regular consistency—not even Minecraft.


Now some of you might be wondering if I am not playing Minecraft why would I want to join—allow me to explain: when I stumbled upon your server I got so excited because the guiding principles of this server align with my beliefs as well. I will give three examples. First, I really like the idea of a long application process and I am certainly going to commit through the entire process. Second, when I read that the Admin will not cheat nor provide perks for others I just smiled inside because that is exactly my philosophy to gaming as well. When I play my single player games I never cheat because I know that cheating is just cheating yourself out of your own fun. I learned that lesson early on in Diablo where cheating was soooo rampant. I duped and duped and found that I no longer had any desire to play anymore. Fun=*poof*. My last point is based on concept of ethics. I really liked the concept of knowing what is intrinsically right or wrong. If the members of this community have this sense of ethnics then I want to be a part of it—and rest assured you will discover that I am good-natured too. I really do not know if I am conveying what I feel about finding such a like-minded server—let me just say I feel as if I found something truly special and cannot wait to be a part of it.


            I will conclude with a little about my family. I am not married yet but I am in a relationship and it is going well *hooray*. I am a middle child. I hear that middle-children have a strong sense of what is fair and not fair. I find that this is true for me; I want things to be fair and am disappointed when this is not so—perhaps this explains my philosophy on cheating in games too. My siblings are also all gamers to various degrees. But they do not like Minecraft unfortunately.


            I will be happy to elaborate on any of the points I mentioned and/or other questions in this thread. I look forward to replying to them :)