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minecraft_kitten's application

17 October 2015 - 02:37 PM

Hi! I'm not really sure what to put here, so I'll just be using that "Suggested Application Form" that someone posted.


In Game Name: minecraft_kitten

Real Name/Preferred Name: Lilit


Location: Missouri

Age: 15

Previous Minecraft experience: I started playing Minecraft around the time when Beta 1.8.1 was the latest version. I generally prefer creative to survival, as I'm more of a builder. I like to do unusual and unique stuff, like trying to make a usable house fit in a 5x5 space of land. I'm good at coming up with creative solutions to issues with builds. Just don't ask me to do anything with redstone. It won't end well.


Your background: I'm aware that I am one of the youngest people here. I hope this doesn't deter you from considering my application. I like to think that I act more mature than most people my age, although I'm biased, so that's for you to decide. I generally get along pretty well with most people.

Here's some random questions and answers:

Favorite thing to do: Reading, and Minecraft (obviously)

Favorite food: Anything involving pasta (except spaghetti) or cheese.

Biggest fear: Dying

Genre of music: alternative and experimental rock

Favorite color: Green

Favorite season: Winter

Strangest thing to ever happen to me: Getting my finger stuck in a desk at school when I was 10.

Weirdest food: Chocolate-covered bacon

Favorite song: You by Radiohead

Favorite Minecraft biome: Flower Forest


Why am I making this application:

I've played on a lot of servers in the past, but most of them have been either places with 100+ people on all the time, or places where there's usually only one person there other than you, and that really isn't all that fun for me. I've been looking for someplace in the middle, more of a community, and it looks like you have that.


Have a nice day! :)