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neogalaxy Application

22 October 2015 - 12:05 PM

In Game Name: neogalaxy
Real Name/Preferred Name: Eric.
Age: 20.
Previous Minecraft experience: I started back from 1.2.5...Those were the good times.. So I think I'm playing over a year now,so I know a lot of stuff.I remember the first time I launched the game.It was really nice.Then came the mods,like Tekkit,Tekkit Classic(Still playing as of today),and others...It just never gets boring.
Your background: I'm just an regular 20 year old shy guy,who loves to talk but always nervous around new people. (Skype call for first time with a new person,for example) . The reason for that is because I have a really "choppy" voice,or maybe that's just my opinion. Anyway...I'm still attending high school,not what I expected,I wish I could go back to the 10th grade,back in the elementary.But only if I'd get to see my crush.

(What am I talking about here)

Anyways..I've always been shy/nervous at everything I did.I never had a gf,too. I don't know what else to say..


There was also a kind of disturbing event when I was 6.I was outside,there were some guests outside,too.I was near the trailer(the one attachable to a car),and there was a REALLY heavy..thing..(I  can't remember what it was,I think a fridge,or something worse..) Anyway,I remember that it started to fall at my direction,and if I hadn't jumped away for the moment,I'd be crushed,in other words,I wouldn't be where I am now.

So that's my background,kinda terrifying,always lonely as of now.


I now wish that thing fell on me.