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Treelog Application

02 November 2015 - 05:54 PM

                My name is Treelog, formerly known as wadeecker in game, and currently known as Wade Ecker in real life. I changed my name in game for obvious reasons, though I haven't played since I did, so not sure it was worth it. I've been afk for about 1.5 years.  Up until now, I have not missed Minecraft, but recently, the urge to build has returned.

                My skin is currently a dragon, it used to be an oak tree, hence the name Treelog. My kids like dragons, so they changed it to what they like, which is a dragon. Not gonna fight, I am out numbered.

                When I have played Minecraft in the past it has always been in a big way. Big in a way that requires an infrastructure of a lifetime of resources and farms. I am not sold on the idea of playing again that way,  the idea of casual play is interesting.

                I helped Dulahey build this https://www.youtube....h?v=hFSrBWkLvz4 and a lot of other things on the BItlimit server.

                I live in Maryland USA, about 2 miles from an Appalachain Trail access point. I spend a lot of time starting there and ending somewhere else. I love, read LOVE, hiking, trail running, mindlessly stumbling through trees and anything to do with trees. I also like beer. Did I say I like beer?

               I have 3 kids of varying sex and age, all of whom want to monopolize my laptop, and like dragons and not trees. I am also married to my wife who lets me play only because I have given her some lame excuse that I should.

              I want to join this server because I want to play with Dulahey, but while I'm at it, get to know all of you. From what I have read  on your forums joing this group of people will be awesome.