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31 March 2012 - 09:41 PM

IGN: NastyBugger PleasantChap

Age: 5 75

Location: Derpyville

Why you want to join:

I'm tierd of people baning me 4 griefing serverz run by skoolkidz cause they trol me saiyng hERobrian will kill me. I've seen and done so mucH greifing that they aren't leting me in i dont want 2 go back their. I'm a smart kid chap and I'ma roket scyentits 4 realz. Plox Plz let me in I can b a good admni!!1!

How you found us:

I used Bing cause i has internerd Xploler instald. I typed "NO WHITELIST.. Griefing allowed!!" err.. "chaps erectin privats partz out of blocks" "how 2 greif 1337 way" "matuer server 4 cool minecratferz" and got hear.


Here's som stuff I made w/ my litle sister who knows my paswords and lieks 2 go 2 serverz 2 greif when i sleep. Mom saiys it lookz cool and 1337 after 2 sixpaks of beer.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

Merry April 1st, chaps!

The Creative Group

11 March 2012 - 06:22 AM

The Creative Group (TCG)


The Creative Group is a very uncreative name for a group that caters to creative players. We want to spend the valuable time we have left for playing Minecraft by actually building to our hearts desires. The introduction of creative mode has revamped the game for us, re-igniting our interests.

- If you are visiting our map, look, but don't touch! Some projects are interactive and you can play with them if you want to, but make sure there's a sign saying that the project is finished. We don't want redstone contraptions getting mad and taking over SixtyGig, right?
- We want everything in our map to be aesthetically pleasing. Think about what you're going to build, and what blocks you are placing where, and why! Why play creative if you're only going to use cobble, or half-ass your projects? We will maintain a high standard in our map.

The (sub)zone system
Okay, so what's the deal with sub-zones? Our zone will be divided into smaller subzones, so people can have some private space. We will use some type of blocks to mark borders (TBD). There will be a central area that will belong to no one and it's purpose is to have a nice portal area and some decorations made by players as a group.

We'll say it up front - we're going to be very picky who joins our map. The first step of joining is an interview that will be conducted by us. The second step is showing us your work that you've build in Limbo or someplace else. If we like what we see, you're in.

For now applications will be closed.

List of members
- tim_vanloo (founder)
- Balkep (founder)

What kind of a super hero/villain are you?

02 February 2012 - 05:43 AM

I like to take such tests once in a while to learn something new about myself :) The villain one is quite precise I must say :o

http://www.thesuperheroquiz.com - Super Hero

Top 3 heroes for me:
- Green Lantern
- Iron Man
- Spider-Man

http://www.thesuperh...iz.com/villain/ - Super Villain

Top 3 villains for me:
- Mr. Freeze
- Venom
- The Joker

Bring your darkest secrets to the light ;)

Combat in 1.9 (pre 3)

07 October 2011 - 02:27 AM

Ok, since the combat system in 1.9 pre 3 somewhat differs from the current one, I've decided to make a little research and post some observations.

1. Mobs hit much harder, especially endermen, who I believe are able to kill you in two shots unarmored.
2. Mobs have much more health.
3. Armor system is completely different and is able to greatly reduce incoming damage.
4. Endermen AI is more complex than before.

So, mobs deal roughly 50-100% more damage and they have 50-100% more health. What it means is that we have really tanky zombies and endermen, and quite deadly creepers and again endermen.

Numbers (on Easy difficulty, unarmored):
- 1.5 heart per skeleton shot in 1.9 pre 3 vs. 1 heart damage in 1.8.1
- It takes 3 normal hits with a diamond sword to kill a skelly in 1.9 pre 3 vs. 2 hits in 1.8.1
- Enderman deals 2 hearts of damage vs. 1 heart in 1.8.1
- Enderman can survive 5-6 hits with a diamond sword in 1.9 pre 3

New armor gives you a constant damage reduction bonus, which is not dependant on the durability.
I'm not sure how accurate this is, but a full leather armor reduces damage by 35%, a full iron one - by 75%, a full diamond one - by 100%.
This is not a clear reduction as you can still receive damage in a full diamond armor, but quite rarely and usually about 0.5-1 heart at a time.
Also, armor will not be damaged by drowning, fire (except if you stand in lava), fall damage and maybe poisoning, but it will not reduce any damage as well.

Numbers (on Hard difficulty):
- Survived creeper hugging (and I mean real hugging, standing in the same block) in a full leather armor, 2.5 heart left. The armor is ruined by ~75%.
- Received 0.5-1 heart of damage standing 3 blocks away from creeper in a full leather armor. Got a few scratches on the armor.
- Received 0-0.5 heart of damage hugging a creeper (same block) in a full diamond armor.
- Spiders were unable to damage me in a full diamond armor.

Endermen are more difficult to fight with now, since they like to teleport as much as they can.
- They will teleport away in case of any incoming damage (including sun and water damage).
- Once in combat, they tend to teleport away if you're looking at them for too long, making bow attacks useless.
- They like to teleport 10-15 blocks behind you and then run towards you.
- They are really hard to catch on sunrise, since they'll be teleporting like crazy due to the sun damage.
- They are able to get out of any mob grinder that uses water (transportation, drowning, etc).

- Wearing some armor is pretty much a must now, but since getting iron is easy and you can repair your armor, it shouldn't be a huge problem.
- Try to avoid endermen unless you have some nice armor and weapon.
- Try to get a diamond sword as soon as possible. A stone one will get you killed.
- Try not to get cornered by zombies, as they still hit hard.

Not sure how hard it'll be to kill mobs in SMP because of lags, but since we have an Easy difficulty on, a set of an iron armor should be sufficient to feel comfortable.

I'll keep posting updates if I dig something interesting.

Some 1.8 terrain observations

09 September 2011 - 05:52 PM

Was trying to make a usual staircase tunnel. Fell down like 20-25 blocks. It seems caves tend to be much bigger now.
Posted Image

Also, there are lots of lava/water sources around. The deeper you go, the less torches you need.
Posted Image

Posted Image

Ruins are made of wood - yay, free sticks for torches. Also ruins may contain spider spawners.
Posted Image

Posted Image

A weird rectangular shaped room. No shoveling/digging done by me.
Posted Image

Oceans seem to be much-much deeper now (40-45 easily). And it looks like they have multiple penetrations into caves systems below, causing major leaks.
Posted Image

More updates later.