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26 October 2015 - 11:29 AM

Let's talk about it.


I've always loved to colour, and these new  "adult colouring books" (Not adult in the raunchy way, I knew some of you were thinking that!) are becoming all the rage.  Personally, I never needed a colouring book to be labeled for grown ups, colouring is for ages, in my opinion.  I can't draw, and I'm not much of a painter, but damn do I love to colour.


Anyway, I have one of Johanna Bashford's colouring books, which are freakin' brilliant.


All of the images are extremely detailed and they're a few hours work a piece.


Here's a dragonfly I recently finished:





I'm currently using a mix of pencil crayons and fine tip markers, mostly for the really tight spots.


Last night, I downloaded one of the many colouring apps available for the iPad.  I always kind of brushed these off, because really, it's not colouring, you're just picking a colouring and tapping to fill in the section.  Like Microsoft Paint.


But damn, it's still enjoyable.  And I can do it while sitting in bed.  It's also got a bunch of different styles you can choose at the end.  It just looks flat when you're filling it in, but the different styles you can choose at the  end make it interesting.  The skull below has an Acrylic "filter" for lack of a better word, it's like an instagram filter for colouring.




Anyone else like to colour?