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30 March 2015 - 07:51 AM

I liked the photoshop Vedis. Cheers. Good fun, I've just been avoiding the forum for my own good, I don't believe im under consideration, and thats fine and all, my bachelor is comming closer so school will need more of my attention anyway. Best of luck to you with your application.

In Topic: Return of the horse

14 March 2015 - 11:39 AM

Thanks for being authentic. If no one disagree with this view, I am sorry for the pain I've been, and I accept your suggested point of action.

In Topic: Return of the horse

14 March 2015 - 09:47 AM

Thank you 'Flame' For taking your time to explaining yourself and sharing your thoughts.


When you wrote... 


Hi Casper,


Well seeing as how we are kind of 'stuck' with you.....for now at least......what can I say....it was a nice read of your next application saga. :)


All I can really say is that if you will learn to 'love' your self....and 'respect' your self......you will never experience a 'problem' in life ever again. :)


I was sure it was purely a kind greeting cheering another try on applying on, and not that you really were annoyed with my face, my posts and my personality, if so it makes sense that you want me to leave and like.... don't come back...., but the saga I've heard on my half year or so on the forum is, the saga of keep socializing, sharing and trying.


Its really difficult for me to hear these words out of you, since I've had the thought that you enjoyed my company on the forum the times we've bumped into each other. I really don't try to please or get accepted to feed some sort of hungry ego, but sure I'm trying to get validation in that I can fit into a mature community with cool people with unique personalities who like playing together. Is it that immature to want to belong in an online community as well, when your using a lot of hours in front of the screen every day. 



...Why do you think you would make a good fit here? Your applications....every saga of them are creeping me the **** out. I was quite surprised to see this application appear again. Who posts '2nd and thirds and so on...and on....applications over and over again? Really! A old buddy from a long time ago applied here once. He wasn't a good fit. You know what he did? Like what anyone would do...."screw it! I don't need them anyway!"........food for thought!


All the best! :)


I just can't follow this order of thinking myself. Your friends choice is good for him, but I don't mind being denied, and my response won't ever be "screw it, I don't need them anyway." Because other than the denials at the end of the months, I enjoy knowing you guys and taking parts in the forum games, discussions and applications that are always new and interesting. 

I can stop posting pictures, if that's really annoying, but I of the believe that they lighten the posts up. i.e. look how Nulu in periods have used only memes/pictures to apply and don't need any words for everyone to understand.


Concluding, I'm really happy your honest and your saying these things, when I was just believed you were being philosophical. 

I hope its not the thought of everyone here who I see as acquaintances I'm happy to have. Thanks for being direct and concrete. Hope you can survive me sticking around a little longer. You don't need to reply to this wall of nonsense, unless you feel stepped on or misquoted.

Best to you and thanks.


If nothing else I hope this is testament, that I really really want to join SixtyGig, because of the people who belong here. B-)



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13 March 2015 - 06:09 PM

welcome mr. Dog. Any animal is welcome in this crazy house. House your standing on hot dark roasted coffee compared to lukewarm water with flowers in (aka tea)? 


Hope you'll find a way to feel at home in the forums. welcome.

In Topic: Return of the horse

13 March 2015 - 05:35 PM

Ask the dude. I don't have curls, sadly, i always wanted me some manly curly hair