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Return of the horse

11 March 2015 - 05:40 AM

Hi, guess who..? Yeah I just figured it was my time to try applying again.
I'm Kasper, known for bad grammar, unlucky use of pee-colored posts and persistent sticking aroundiness. So bare with me as I give it a try exposing my life again.
Dane by blood, half viking, half farmer, from the most northern Jutland. 25 years of age, surveyor and city planning student, scout leader for 6 wild teenagers and enthusiastic volleyball rookie. So Life is good.
Besides the university, I've worked various part time jobs varying from, filling containers and washing stairs to delivering pizzas and instant interpreting lectures and speeches. Other than a few coins to help me out financially, it has given me insight into a lot of different peoples daily lives and lifestyles. Experiences that i highly value.
As for now I am single. A year ago I had my hearth crushed by the girl i thought was 'THE ONE' for me, but its mending day by day and I hope that another girl bumps into my life sooner or later. Until then, my family is there to give me all the joy and love a young man could wish for, most of my siblings are Minecrafters as well, but they each have their friends to play with. 
At the current season I'm watching Eureka, listening to Norah Jones and sipping Brazilian coffee slowly to get the most enjoyment for my coin. As for weekends i enjoy a Newcastle on the local empty pub with my close buddy. 
Butt... My Minecraft singleplayer world is starting to smell too much of old farts, so I am really looking for a change in environment. Mostly I'm missing a community to belong to. I hope to do some small scale projects with those who are willing, chat about life and maybe hiding a few Minecaches, might even take over InvisibleFlames Cacheparadise. 
Guess that's it for now. Thanks for reading, feel free to ask anything. Thanks for keeping my user available through my last 2-4 months of inactivity. Welcome to all newborn Greenies and wish me luck this month.


Portals, suggestion

30 January 2015 - 02:19 AM

I really wanted to share this i found in reddit, this morning, for the Portal/transportation discussion.


It might be a usefull solution if you want to avoid 10 portals each station, but i dont know your thoughts on command block, seems like a good alternative if you decide to do a portal solution anyway:




A concluding note from Kasper

08 January 2015 - 05:16 AM

Hello Graylings, Greenies and all the rest of you in the rainbow spectrum. 

Here is a few thoughts I have done the last week and some of my reflection on my time as SixtyGig applicant, hope it will clarify more who I am or become a blessing for you who take the time to read. It might seem odd, that a fellow like me who have failed at fitting will hand out advice, but take them if they seem reasonable.
- Have persistence. Do not be afraid to throw yourself out there, so the rest of the members can see if you fit in the rugged, but personal and stable community SixtyGig is and strives to be.
- Take your time. Don't just rush to finish an halfhearted application. Look around and try to get an idea of whats expected of you.
- Keep taking responsibility. I don't see SixtyGig only run by a tight closed group of grumpy ol' men and ladies, but also by all who invest countless hours on the forums socializing and investing in each others lives. I can only imagine how this plays out on the server itself, but I rest assure your enjoying having a platform to play with reliable people. Thank you for being open minded and giving people.
- Keep protecting your lawn with love. For my own part and other earlier failed applicants, I'm sorry for all the relenting amount of impatience applicants, hyper 'forumfillers', religious fanatics and immature younglings you have to deal with on a monthly basis. Its so good for the server, that you do not make rushed decisions and your helping each other lift the burden of protecting your home. 
When I look back on my first few weeks as applicant I can't even recognize myself. I absolutely misinterpreted who you are as a community, resulting in a horror of an introduction. Being desperate and sure it was now or never, I took all my questions to Rosleen over a Skype chat. I'm sorry, that I burdened her/you with questions and subject, which clearly fit more into forums, but I were desperate for information and fellowship. 
I first really started settling, around when the Terraria server got up and running. The few hours I got to hang out with members here were invaluable to my peace and understanding of the server. 
But still i month and month again weren't picked to be among the few who joined the colored ranks. It made me make quick, 'salty', ironic, 'meany' remarks and ask uncalled for questions to the selection process. Forgive me Rosleen and whoever else got caught in these.
At the end i want to clarify a few places where I feel I've been misunderstood:
- I'm a really calm and relaxed introverted guy (ISFP, if anyone speak MBTI-language). I might have come out other ways in posts, but its been out of frustrations and personal sorrow.
- I'm not a prankster, nor a big builder. I've tried to look like one in my first application period, but that's far from true. I just thought that would help me, weirdly enough. I enjoy mining, exploring and sharing experiences more than anything in Minecraft.
I'm now told directly to give up hope in ever joining your Minecraft server. But I'm afraid its not that simple for me. I really, really want to make my home here. Until I'm removed from the forum i will keep taking parts in the forums open to applicants, and i hope and kindly ask you Veterans to consider me as a member one final time, even though I've most likely taken up my part of your time in the veteran forum discussions.    
Thank you, who are reading this, for being so good at being yourself. That is all anyone can ever demand of you.
You shape this community and server into what it is today.
P.S. Please.



The twelve days till Acceptanceday

27 October 2014 - 06:14 AM

Ho Ho ho! Gather' roun' boys and girls. Let me sharer my tale of the twelve days before I was accepted into SixtyGig:


'Twas the 12th day before Acceptenceday. The weather was gray and rainy in the small country Denmark. I was a young lad back then and i had just moved to town looking for mans two most essential needs, a job and a Minecraft server.


The 12 dishes from yesterday meal still stood in the sink awaiting a servant minded youngster to come give them a showr'. As such a person needs his coffee before those attributes are tributed to him, he started up the Senseo machine and the Microwave-o-matic to make a mug of coffee and a bowl of oat porridge.




09 October 2014 - 04:36 AM

I: RoboMedic! Come at once!... 

RM: What's wrong Kasper?

I: sniff... my gaming computer sniff... is sick. :'(


Yeah... Here is my status, in the slim hope anyone someone here can help me pinpoint the problem.

I was playing as allways, no worries, and the the screen starts blinking white and black and then just black. 


I tried to unplog everything, start in failsafe, clean the inside and the coolers. Nothing helps. My neardy lil' bro' said it is most likely my graffic card that is toasted, since mouse keyboard and screen seem to work fine seperately, but my computer now goes into blackscreen mode after 10seconds on.


The only solution we could find is to find a friend and check the graffic board thingie in their desktop computer. Have any of you encoutered this problem, have different solution ideas. 


Thank you for your time.