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In Topic: Hi from Vaellella

15 February 2015 - 12:52 PM

Captain_Marko : Yeaah! Me too :D

Liliksnek : I will <3 I need to visit your place again soon!

Blue_Dragon360 : Haha, so I have been told, but I don't konow if I still trust it. Just a randomish girl doing whatevs come to her mind. ;D



Nuluvius, I'm pretty sure I'm the other one also, we talked in my application thread. :D And seriously, it's my job title. Reads in my employee card and paycheck.  I think half of us in the company are "IT specialist" , since I'm not  the only one who's work is quite randomish. We all do quite lot of different things, so it would be quite hard to pin just one specific job title. Our job descriptions also get changed bit every couple of years.. so I suppose it's just so it would be versatile.


And MLP : FIM is awsum.  I love the irony of it, animations,  emotions and pinkie pie.  We are watching it with one of my friends. And mind you, he dresses in black, looks like he's about to bite anyone who comes near and he also likes MLP. ;D


Though, I don't like the human versions and I don't think I have seen the newest ones..


But same question back, what are your opinions of it?


Rosleen : And I'm so happy to be with you on SG *__*

Thank you for letting me in everyone!

In Topic: Morchfeyn looking for a MC server to live in

15 February 2015 - 01:34 AM

Hiii <3

I hope you can get here, everyone is fun and nice and they are doing awesome places. *__*

And if you get in, I wanna see what cool things you can do and do them with you. :)


Good luck <3

In Topic: Vaellella looking for a new home

06 February 2015 - 08:59 AM

Woot! :D Thank you! I'm happy and waiting to get whitelisted ^__^ (though of course, I'm not home tomorrow, but I suppose whitelisting won't be that fast anyhow..)


and yeah, I'll read it. :3

In Topic: Vaellella looking for a new home

03 February 2015 - 12:38 AM

cap_dikkop: Haha, I know ;D I just feel like I have played some militaristic games or watched some movies and the sentence has stuck in my mind.


Nuluvius: Well, yes and no. I get to delve as deep as I want or have time to. But specialize to just one thing? No. I like to delve so deep that I *really understand* how it works, work with it, do things with it and know how to do almost everything and I trust that if something that I don't know comes my way, I can use my prior knowledge to get a conclusion how the new thing works or find more information about it then. So I don't use all of my time to learn *everything* about one thing, I learn when it is needed. :)

That way I can stay versatile, help people with  different things, not just one. And at the same time, I'm keeping myself interested, because there is always something new. :D

Besides, the bosses seem to be happy with it and it suits me fine.



Zac1431 : I'm ashamed to admit, but I haven't yet had the time to read the novels, but I have watched the game of thrones. (like I suppose everyone else in the whole world..)

I have never really "addicted" to it, but I do like to watch it, because it's well done. Luckily for me, most of my favourites are still alive, even though not all. But Khal Droko. Why did you diiieee.. ;___; I don't think I'll never get over his death. u_u

But mostly I like it, because it doesn't have just one main character, but it feel like all of the characters are the main characters in a way. It feels more realistic than normally when series tend to follow just one or two main characters and you know everything is always in their favour. It keeps the interest up, though I have given up hoping that someone should stay alive, because it's useless. :D

In Topic: Vaellella looking for a new home

02 February 2015 - 03:30 AM

Marek 202 : Yes mostly, since it's pretty easy material, but I do use whatever I feel is needed to what I'm trying to make. But I have to say, I'm very very basic hobbyist, so I haven't done anything major. :)

Nopartyhorse : Thank you! :) I hope so too!

Vicki : Ohhh, cool! :) I can draw and do stuff only on free time, but i still love my work, since I like computers too.

cap_dikkop : Haha, ok, I suppose it means different thing in here :D English is my 2nd language, so some things might be wrong...

Nuluvius : yeah, I know. So is my work. :D But I work as internal  IT Specialist, which means that I fix employee computers (and phones, tablets etc), administer couple servers (windows ones, though we have linux servers here too),  work with Sharepoint 2007/2013,some videoconferencing systems and everything else that happens to come to my way. And I was made to be Mac Administrator just a while ago, so I suppose that's my next thing new thing among the others...

soo.. Yeah. Bit randomish, like you could say about me. :)

I like to do lots of different things.