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Hi from Vaellella

15 February 2015 - 03:01 AM

Hello there everyone! :)

Since it seems this is what I have been looking for from a community and I'll be staying here, I decided to make an introduction thread.

So my name Is Jenni and I live in finland. I work as IT specialist (very vague title,  I know and I like it that way. XD) and i get to do everything from fixing computers to administering servers and working with systems. There are lot of different things to do and it keeps me busy and happy.

On free time I like to relax by doing even more things, though usually playing games if I'm lazy.

Mostly I play with computers, but you can also find me playing consoles (ps2/3/4,xbox360/one,3ds,wii/u...). Rarely I can even be spotted playing board games (like arkham horror) or card games (Chez geek and munchkin) or something else, but they usually need somekind of special occasion. Because on other times im too busy playing computer or consoles..

If I am not gaming, I like to draw, sew, "play" with dolls (BJD:s or Dollfies if someone has heard of them), which means I like to photograph them, do furniture to them or something else.

But as for everyone else in this world, what I do isn't who I am, and that, my friends, you have to learn just by talking to me so I can learn about you all too. :)

And I must say, this server does welcoming right. Everyone notices you and says hi and answers when there is something to ask. I've been shown places, given a start and the Hotel is great. *___* Even though it's fun to start with dirt house in middle of nowhere and fight for survival in new servers, it was really really really nice change to just reserve hotel for a little while and not be afraid of getting eaten in the first night. I could focus on thinking about what I want to do, not what I need to do to survive. Really big + from me.

And I have also seen some of other people's places and they are sooo pretty and huuge. I get really much inspiration seeing other people doing great things and finding out all the marvelous things you people have done.

But I digress. XD see you guys in game!

Vaellella looking for a new home

27 January 2015 - 03:34 AM

Hello there!


I'm called Vaellella(or Kihaku) in the interwebs and I'm 32 year old IT specialist from Finland.


I have started playing minecraft some years ago and I tend to play Minecraft on and off, meaning that when I play, i play hours and hours in a day and then I might be on hiatus for couple of months. (of course in here it would mean that I would log in to notify of my hiatus, since I read about that) But I always come back to MC and it has never ceased to interest me.


I have been playing in one of my friend's server and he's awesome, but usually it's just me playing in there since I tend to play different times than my friends.


But I'm a very social person and I'd like to find a content and nice community where I'd get to talk with people that I get to know.


I'm fairly peaceful person and I want everything to be fun and nice. I don't mess with other people's building or items, and I expect that other people don't touch my things without asking. Though, if I'm asked, I'm glad to help and give/lend items that I collect. ^__^


I also like helping people out if needed and be part of a good community, that isn't going to vanish in month or two.


My other hobbies besides MC consists of mostly playing games, but I draw, build and sew. And do whatever I feel like. Though I don't cook. u_u. Usually im -never- online on fridays, because we have gaming session with couple of my friends.


But, I hope to get thrown into limbo, so we could get to know each other.  ^^ (of course, I can't lie, Id like to play in "real" server already, but patience... my interest in MC isn't going to die that fast. u_u)


over and out~