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IGN is EP43
  My name is Dave, I am 47. I currently live in Arizona (about 20 years) and work for a globally diverse company, doing essentially data entry. I moved to AZ from Montana in '95 shortly after separating from the Air Force. I come from a big Family, my dad was in the Army so I was lucky enough to be able to see some of the world growing up. I have lived in or traveled to 20+ states and as a youngster, to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Okinawa, and later to Canada. I graduated HS in '86, no college. I worked at a hardware store for a few years, then joined the AF in '89. My wife comes from a big family as well, so that is probably why we have a big family ourselves ... and 2 cats. I do like dogs, actually love animals and have had pets all my life, but my wife and I agree, we just don't like the maintenance a dog requires.
  I can get totally addicted to some games, though I would not call myself a gamer, that is to say I don't play a lot of different games, especially on-line games, only Minecraft. I have played console games all the way back to the original Atari, and actually Pong before that, when Pong was an entire console of its own. Sim city and Age of Empires both on PC years and years ago. But as a busy dad, I have played Halo on XBOX, a few driving games on XBOX, and Battle Field 3 online, but not all that much. But MC has me hooked, I don't even consider looking into other games, I spend more time than I should on MC as it is, so I don't spend time looking at or trying new games.


  But MC came around at good time for me, 2 of my older kids had just graduated HS and moved out of the house, and I started working less hours, It all just came together. About the only thing that keeps me from spending free time on MC is NFL Football (sometimes I do both), and of course I root for the Cardinals and hate the Cowboys, 49rs, and Seahawks... in that order.  


  I do spend time with the family too, usually watch movies or some TV like Americas got Talent, the first 30 minutes of the Tonight show with JF (funny dude) or I might binge watch something like Sherlock (BBC), Firefly, How I Met Your Mother, The 100, most of the popular cooking shows like Iron Chef (Japan), Top Chef, Master Chef, a few others like that. Anyone remember the show Great Chefs of Chicago? I would watch that all the time when I was younger. So ya, I like to cook too, my wife doesn't and I don't like to do dishes, so it works out well. I like to watch documentaries, and some of the not so drama filled reality shows. Most recently Wicked Tuna, Life Below Zero, Gold Rush ALaska, Frontline, and TED.
Zodiac: Aries
Color: Blue
Beer: English Ale

Music: Hard Rock
Food: Baja style Mexican

Coffee/Tea: Both*

Coke/Pepsi: Coke

Cheese/No Cheese: Cheese

Chocolate/Vanilla: Chocolate
Nuts/No Nuts: Nuts

Comedy/Tragedy: Comedy

Action/Drama: Action
Bath/Shower: Shower

Pants/Shorts: Shorts

Shoes/Flip Flops: Flip Flops
Under Wear: Tagless Boxer Briefs


*I like strong coffee like Kona coffee, or Starbucks Italian and French roasts. Anymore, I drink hot coffee maybe 2 or 3 times a month and no longer drink hot tea, unless it's Green tea. But I love iced coffee and iced tea (live in Arizona).

  I have been playing MC off and on for almost 4 years. What got me hooked was just the building aspect. I have always had an interest in architecture, growing up I would draw out designs just for fun, was/is a huge fan of Lego, so it makes sense that a 3D digital world that I could freely build just about anything would interest me. And for whatever reason all this time, I have never tried to or cared to learn the standard redstone switches and stuff. I certainly can follow a YouTube video or just wing it to make redstone work for me. So other than simple stuff with pistons or rail, I rarely use redstone. I tend to do stuff manually, or use just water tubes or hoppers to move stuff. I do enjoy building within a community, or group builds like large bridges or a town, or help out with grinders. I might help by just collecting materials, or give some creative design input, or just do some simple slabbing of a 128x128 area while someone smarter in MC than me can build the mechanisms. Almost as much as I like building, I like mining for diamonds or just exploring the surface all over the map trying to find nice places to build or special bioms, or grinding XP to get all the enchants possible. 


  I am anxious to fresh start once again especially if you update to 1.9. (I read that in the forum ,is that true?) A new community, a new map, new stuff in MC, new friends ... makes me anxious to join and play.
  I realize app approvals are on hold... no problem. I will check back from time to time to see if any status has changed. Thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings and possibly promoting me to the Limbo server. 


TL;DR: I'm old, only game I play is MC, not a serious MC redstoner, like to help on projects/community builds. Looking forward to joining this community to transform the new map into something special.