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Bkalinin's Application

04 October 2015 - 05:31 PM



I'm Bkalinin, or Daniel in real life. Im a 16 year old male looking for mature server to spend my free time on. I currently live in Northern California in the US.


First off, yes, I am a very young, and that is why I prefer not to share my age with most, but nonetheless, this doesn't stop me from having a mature conversation or relationship with people on the internet. I like to think that I am (or act) more mature than most kids my age, and I also realize that I have much room for improvement as a human being in general. Either way, it seems like you folk are very open minded, so my age probably won't make too big a difference, judging from your rules page. 


There's a number of reasons on why Id like to join your server. First off, (this should go without saying) this server looks amazing. While the system of applications and limbo look very tedious, it most likekly reaps very good results. Next, my internet speed and my ping recently became pretty bad, and my computer is a potato, so most of the games I used to play can't be played anymore. so Im looking for a new place to spend my free time at. And finally, I haven't played Minecraft for about a year, and I've recently realized that I miss a close community with other players on the internet ever since my favorite server (Betatude) shut down. 


Overall I feel as though I'd fit in fairly well into the community that your server has. The only major issue that I might have here is that I have a sort of "speak when spoken to" mindset, and this causes me to be a bit quiet at times, but I am always looking for ways to improve and I can see myself changing that trait over time. 


Random facts about myself - I'm Russian, I've played piano most of my life, big fan of Terraria, I'm a fan of conflicting genres of music (classical and trance), aspiring to be a mechanical engineer, and I love sheep for no apparent reason. 


Overall, I feel as though I'd be a good fit in the community here. I look forward to (hopefully) spending time with the people of the server!