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19 January 2015 - 09:26 PM

I'm not sure how everyone feels about this, but I think it's time to discuss portals.

The rail system is an amazing build, and it's quite nice to look at... but it makes visiting tedious.


I visited more in the last SG map, and feel like I would again if travel times were reduced.

Portals seem like a great way to do this. I feel that some portals to and from the hub would really make SG feel like a true multiplayer again. For me it is starting to feel like single player with chat.


I see a few options if portals were to be considered.


1. Portals for select staions, similar to the way the wilds/nether portals are.

2. Portals for all stations, though this would be a bit over the top.

3. Individual portals, everyone gets a portal.


I think 3 would work best if your portal was to your area from  your hub home. I realize this would be quite the undertaking, and that it would make things "too easy"... but I think it would be worth it just to see the hub come alive, and to have some real player interaction ( eveyrone would have a hub house, and could pop in and out for visits).


I have the most fun on SG playing side by side with someone else, and that has become too rare for my taste.


What do you fine folks think?